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Our policy involves the choice of the appropriate clinic and eminent specialists, to ensure the unquestionable quality of our services.

For added comfort, we’ll organize the arrival of your close ones, excursions, and all sorts of entertainment.



When considering going abroad for treatment, many people think of Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey or Germany. Of course, these countries have a high level of quality of the medicine, they have been working with medical tourists for a long period of time, have a well-adjusted system of medical assistance to the foreigners. However, the medical systems of those countries haven’t proved to be completely reliable, moreover, even there the prices of treatment are not always democratic… Unfortunately, few are aware that the treatment in France does not fall short of the advertised leaders of quality, moreover, its cost isn’t that expensive and it is now accessible to foreigners. It is the French medicine which is recognized by the World Health Organization as the best in the world, it is there that the most complex surgeries are performed qualitatively. Thanks to the medical professionals and French innovation, longevity in France increases annually. The whole of the medical staff in France consists of highly trained specialists. They value their reputation very much and they really care about their patient’s recovery. Moreover, the treatments’ prices are set by the government. Thus French clinics can’t pick their own price, unlike medical institutions in other countries.

The French medicine has been closed for a long period of time, but now it is ready to host more international patients today. Treatment in France is now available to everyone.


Once you choose to go to France for any kind of procedure, you are faced with a number of questions: where to find the doctor, who knows how to work miracles? How to find a suitable clinic? How do I get to it? How to communicate with the French when all I know is “Bonjour” and “Cherchez la femme”? How to minimize the price of treatment in France? How not to fall across the fraudsters? And many other questions…

All these questions that are important to you, will be settled and arranged by Medifrance Solution. We will organize your treatment in France. For your comfort we:

– Release you from the administrative and medical formalities, help you with obtaining a visa and provide juridical assistance.

– Accompany you at each stage of the treatment and guarantee your security and confidentiality.

– Take care of all the organizational matters for you (transfer from/to the airport, a personal interpreter 24 hours a day, assistance in choosing the clinic, booking the consultations with the doctor, organization of leisure time).

– Our team is narrowly working with doctors specializing diversely, this gives an opportunity to carry out urgent consultations and work remotely. All this is possible thanks to the experienced French doctors who carefully review each case, confirm or dispute already established diagnosis, and draw up the treatment program.

– Work with the majority of the French medical establishments, from private clinics to public and university ones.

– Care about your budget and we know how you can financially save without any consequences regarding your health.

– Our clients’ interests are at the center of our attention, therefore, we help everyone in receiving high-quality treatment in France at affordable prices.



Medifrance Solution was founded by French surgeons, who sincerely believe in the accessibility of the French top-rated treatment for people from the whole world. Medifrance Solution is engaged in the complete arrangement of diagnostics, treatment, and stay in France for foreign residents.

Our purpose is to be a reliable friend to each of our clients during the entire period of the treatment and recovery. We keep our patients away from the unprincipled institutions, that can sometimes prescribe unreasonable examinations and procedures. We also monitor accuracy and completeness of the incoming information, as well as accompany and provide a moral support.

Nowadays, France is chosen by a great number of people as a medical destination. Among them, celebrities and public figures of the global scale. We appreciate every client and strive to meet their requirements by all means.


To date, Medifrance Solution has several partnerships with the best reputable medical establishments throughout the territory of France. Among them:

– Multidisciplinary clinic (Parisian region),

– Oncologic center of Northern France,

– Multidisciplinary clinic (Southern region).

All the medical institutions in France are equipped with modern medical machinery and work accordingly with the recommendations of the French National Health Authority.

As for us, we are pleased to arrange a comfortable stay and a full range of diagnostic surveys, treatment and rehabilitation procedures in a clinic that best suits you.


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