Africa Healthcare Plan

Africa Healthcare Plan reason-1
Treatment in France is your opportunity to receive hi-tech, high-quality medical care.
Africa Healthcare Plan reason-2
Treatment in France is a guaranteed medical examination from highly qualified specialists.
Africa Healthcare Plan reason-3
Treatment in France offers the last medical and surgical methods for you.
Africa Healthcare Plan reason-4
Treatment in France is your chance to use the services of the humane and gentle medicine.
Africa Healthcare Plan reason-5
Treatment in France is high-quality and affordable medical care.

Treatment in France became a long tradition for Africans, and, thus, France managed to keep a close connection with the African countries. We implement Africa Healthcare Plan allowing the African patients (French-and English-speaking) to undergo treatment in France, get access to the precision medical French care that is often inaccessible at home.

The French healthcare system invites more than 20 000 African patients a year coming for treatment to France and using hi-tech medical care and the first-class examination which is carried out by the French specialists.

Thanks to the developed network of health workers both in France and in Africa, Medifrance Solution allows you to undergo safe treatment in France with subsequent medical supervision at home. France offers exclusively qualitative and humane medicine for an affordable price.

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With Medifrance Solution

Health Plan Africa

Africa Healthcare Plan is your opportunity to receive desirable medical care and visit France and then come back home accompanied by our doctors who are in Africa. There is a wide range of servicing, and also there are various types of conveniences depending on the budget, religious and cultural preferences of each patient (VIP-room, confidentiality service, maintenance and visit at will …). Africa is the cradle of humankind, and it is very important for us that in France we could take care of your health.
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