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America healthcare plan

Today more and more US citizens choose medical treatment abroad, and in particular, in France, and there are numerous causes for it. And it's not about the quality of medical services, in the USA medicine is at a very high level. The main problem is that in America treatment costs too much, and it is more expensive, than, for example, in France.

million Americans in 2016

Every year more and more US citizens travel internationally. For example, in 2014 37 million Americans travelled abroad. In 2016 this number increased to 73 million.

million Americans from 12 million

You should know that France is already the most popular European destination for the US citizens. From 12 million Americans going to Europe, 3.6 million visit France. It isn’t surprising because prices for medical treatment in France are 20-30% lower than in other European countries.

America Healthcare plan

An opportunity to be treated in France gives not only confidence in the high quality of medical services, but also a great chance to save money. More and more people from the USA choose treatment in France, and it referred not only to wealthy business people, but also to middle-class.

In France there are a lot of clinics with different level of service. At the same time, price level is defined not by the level or quality of service but by the location of the facility.

Some Americans want to save even more money, therefore, they go for treatment to undeveloped countries. As practice shows, it is better to stay away from such countries.

Even if the clinic there is really good, there is always a risk that something can go wrong, and the patient won't be reliably protected by the law of this country. All know, how high is corruption in poor countries, therefore, an unfortunate case there can be easily "swept under the rug ".
In France similar situation is impossible because HAS is responsible for the quality of medicine in this country. HAS is an independent government body which goal is to maintain the quality and effectiveness of healthcare system.

It provides access to the effective medical care. The Supreme healthcare body performs three main functions: references, assessment, and certifications/accreditations. In France all clinics and doctors are always of extremely high qualification, because of that medical errors for them come at a high price.
Treatment in France is a new direction for people everywhere in the world. Earlier it was very difficult to be treated in this country, but thanks to Macron's law, now medical facilities have the right to accept money from foreign patients.

If you choose the clinic not in the center of Paris, and, for example, in the neighboring city (Le Mans, Lyon), you’ll receive excellent quality at a very attractive price. A large number of the US citizens prefer VIP rooms in smaller cities as they cost much cheaper than in Paris.
The French specialists are one of the best in the world. Their high qualification is controlled by the association of doctors. It is an administrative, legal and professional body, which is engaged in adjustment and is responsible for the protection of the fundamental values of a medical profession: ethics and deontology. The association of doctors has the status of the public legal entity. Read more
We invite American insurance companies for cooperation. It will benefit both sides! If you become our partner you’ll get guaranteed savings while the quality of medical care will be the highest possible.

Medifrance Solution is an official representative of the French clinics at the international level.

We do our best to ensure the satisfaction of our patients both with treatment, and service in France.

We offer

Individual approach

Selection of the suitable specialist
or clinic

Transparent accounts

Relationship of trust with maximum necessary information

Guaranteed results

Medifrance Solution provides high-quality treatment in the French clinics together with the first class service and a unique opportunity to save thousands of dollars!

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