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HIFU for prostate cancer treatment
HIFU for prostate cancer treatment   The most common cancer to be diagnosed in men is prostate cancer, and the second most common cancer is lung cancer. Half of men over 60 have prostate cancer. The methods of treatment of this kind of oncology are being improved from year to year. However, early detection of a tumor helps to get rid of it quickly without any complications. That is why every man over 50 should undergo regular examinations.   High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) fights prostate cancer High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), or Ablath..
Prostate gland. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Prostate cancer. Modern methods of treatment
 Many people are ashamed of touching upon such a delicate topic as sex organs. Nevertheless, all of us should know the anatomy of a human body, and sex organs are not an exception. Knowing our body helps to avoid different health problems.   Our today’s article is dedicated to the prostate, prostate diseases and methods of treatment of prostate cancer and BPH. The article is based on questions that you have sent to our email.   What is the function of the prostate? The prostate gland secretes the seminal fluid and propels it into the urethra ..
Stem-cell therapy. Frequently asked questions.
Each of us has heard about so-called stem cells. We are not going to explain in this article what stem cells are, but rather tell you how they are used in France, and why you should not think that stem cells are a panacea for curing all diseases. We collected the most frequently asked questions that came to our mail during the year. Now we will try to give you detailed answers to them.   1. The eyesight of our family members deteriorates with age. My mother is 63 years old, and she has eye floaters. Doctors say they could not do anything. Can stem cell..
Memo for an alcohol addict and his relatives. Treatment in Chateau de Garches Clinic
This memo was worked out by a psychologist and addictologist Michel Naudet.   The main goals are: To help relatives to understand what alcoholism is, to investigate the mechanism of dependence. To discuss the stages of treatment, which include the elimination of physical dependence, temporary abstinence, and a total alcohol abstinence. To answer questions emerged.  Contents: The scientific explanation of the disease “alcoholism”. What is alcohol addiction? Why does a person become addicted to alcohol? Varieties of a..
Alcohol and drug addiction treatment in France. Chateau de Garches Clinic
On the one hand, drug and alcohol addictions are mental illnesses, but they affect a physical condition as well. Medical treatment, first of all, implies the elimination of disorders caused by alcohol or drug intake. The effective treatment is psychological that helps the patient to form a negative attitude towards alcohol or drugs. In this article, you will learn how these kinds of addictions are treated in Chateau de Garches Clinic (France), which is located ten kilometers from the center of Paris. Why people become addicted to alcohol and drugs There are two mai..
Regular medical examination for a long and healthy life!
We often hear such terms as a check-up, diagnosis, and examination. We naively believe that they do not concern us for various reasons: we feel good, or we are too young, or we mistakenly think that only sportsmen or those who have health problems should be examined. However, regular medical examinations help to prevent many diseases, even when nothing bothers us. The high-quality and timely diagnosis helps to defeat even the most serious diseases. We will learn in this article: 1. What is the difference between diagnosis and check-up? 2. How do regular examinations..
Orthopedics. Some reasons why Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries should be performed in France
The synovial fluid is the fluid that fills the joint cavity. Over the years, it becomes less viscous, its molecular weight and volume decrease. All these cause discomfort and pain. Scientists and pharmacists are constantly working on this issue, however, the practice has shown that the best way-out for people who are prone to joint disorders is the replacement of joints. We recommend you to visit France for this type of surgeries. Now we will explain why. 5 reasons why Hip and Knee Replacements should be performed in France 1. Reasonable prices for health care service..
Robotic prostatectomy and prostate cancer treatment in France
This article touches upon the problem of prostate cancer treatment. You will know how French men treat this disease, and why France is the best destination for cancer treatment.   Oncological diseases are rather dangerous. Cancer is a fatal disease, but in European countries, particularly in France, cancer mortality is much lower, and life expectancy is higher than in most other countries. There are three main types of cancer treatment: surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. But this does not mean that all these methods are used in the same way in different..
Breast reduction surgery. Do you need it?
We often hear about such procedures as breast augmentation and breast lift, but can you imagine that one of the most popular plastic surgeries among women is breast reduction - reduction mammoplasty. Large breasts visually change body proportions and make its owner look fatter. But this is not the only problem, that girls and women with big breasts face. In this article, we will figure out, who needs reduction mammoplasty, how the surgical intervention is going on and will see some tips from the French plastic surgeon Jean Louis Durand for those who are about to reduc..
Do i need breast surgery? Mammoplasty in france and all you should know about it.
  Many women often wonder whether their breasts are good enough, whether they are not too small or not too saggy? You can find many ways of determining the elasticity of your boobs on the Internet. One of such tests is when you place a pen under the breast and observe if it will fall when you raise your hands up. However, plastic surgeons choose a more scientific approach to decide, whether a patient needs mammoplasty or not. This article will describe this scientific approach and will tell you some useful information about mammoplasty. You need mammoplasty if: ..
Telemedicine. What is it?
Digital technologies are quickly developing nowadays, and our life has changed greatly with the help of it. Today no one can not imagine life without the Internet: online shopping, online booking, online studying - all this are ordinary things to us. In Europe many people do not even remember when they went shopping last. Moreover, all administrative issues, such as fines and taxes are also paid on the Internet. Digital revolution has influenced medicine as well. The Internet is used for the following in the sphere of medicine: - The second opinion (additional consultati..
What is medical over-examination and what kind of cancer is impossible to die of?
A typical example of useless diagnostics. All you know, that at radiation risk iodine prophylaxis is required. Additional Iodine consumption is necessary to prevent the accumulation of radioactive iodine that can cause thyroid cancer. However it is impossible to die of thyroid cancer, it doesn’t progress and doesn’t evolve. A person can live with this disease long full life. Unfortunately, sometimes it becomes difficult for the doctor to explain to his patient that this pathology doesn’t require intervention, and it’s much more useful to refus..
Lung Cancer Treatment in France
Lung cancer: key points Lung cancer most often develops from bronchial cells. There are two main types of lung cancers: non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer. They represent approximately 80% and 20% of cancers, respectively. Three types of treatment are used in the treatment of lung cancers: surgery, radiotherapy and medical treatments (chemotherapy and targeted therapies). The choice of treatments is adapted to your situation. Several different specialty doctors meet to discuss possible treatment options for you. They are based on recommendat..
The TRV chair helps to treat vertigo and balance disorders
In modern medicine, it is difficult to imagine the treatment and diagnosis of vertigo and balance disorders without the use of the TRV chair. Unfortunately, you will not find such a device in every medical facility, but if you address Medifrance Solution, they will surely find you a clinic in France where this technological miracle is not something surprising but has become a fairly ordinary device. BPPV (Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo) most often occurs due to the movement of earwax in the inner ear, which prevents it from functioning properly. Even in t..
All stages of facelift surgery in France
I always wanted to do a mini-lift and always knew that I would not trust the surgeons from my country because of too much risk. In my opinion, health is more important than money. So, I started daily Web surfing searching for plastic surgery abroad. In Israel, it was expensive and … too hot for me. Turkey was not considered in principle, the States are far away, and they are not famous for their high-quality plasticity. In the end, I doubted between France, Switzerland, and Germany. I sent requests and received a response from France. They sent me a vide..
Knee joint replacement in France
Does it hurt to walk? Do you need knee joint replacement? What are you waiting for? If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it! One of the lowest infection rates The most advanced minimally invasive technologies Rapid recovery from surgery Caring attendants and staff An opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and visited countries of the world All this is easy and quite inexpensive. In the ancient quiet town of Le Mans, there is a huge multi-profile clinic Pole Santé Sud. It is equipped with the latest technology; every..
What determines the result of plastic surgery?
Any plastic surgery is a stress for a body. Even if the patient has perfect health, he still needs to follow certain rules, so that the result of plastic surgery will be as natural as possible. Of course, a lot depends on the plastic surgeon but not everything. The famous French plastic surgeon Jean-Louis Durand notes that the patient himself also affects the quality of plastic surgery. And it’s not even about the individual features of the skin but about things that the patient can change himself. You need to be prepared for the fact that you have to give up m..
Lipofilling of the face, breast, and buttocks
As soon as the first liposuction surgery was performed, plastic surgeons had an idea to reuse the extracted fat to fill another place of the body. This method of own fat transfer is called lipofilling. Lipofilling in modern medicine This method was initially disappointing: injected fat showed a tendency to resorption in a significant proportion, resulting in the short-lived and unreliable results. However, plastic surgeons did not dwell on these first disappointments and tried to understand the reasons for these failures. The results were improving step by step,..
Meet the plastic surgeon Jean Louis Durand
We have long promised to tell our readers more about the unique man, plastic surgeon Jean Louis Durand. Today is that day. We will do this in a rather unusual way. The article will be in the form of an interview in which Jean Louis will answer questions that interest us. Plastic surgeon Jean Louis Durand: Questions and Answers Monsieur Durand, in all ages, man aspired to find a way to preserve youth and beauty. But, unfortunately, unsuccessfully – until the plastic surgery has appeared. Do you think that plastic surgery is able to stop the time? Jean-L..
Brain implant that effectively treats depression
Deep brain stimulation is an effective remedy for depression when another treatment is ineffective. While many other treatments that try to fight against depression often show unsatisfactory results, new techniques are developed and have the ambition to improve the care of many patients deprived of real help. One of them is the method of deep brain stimulation. Under this barbaric name hides an apparatus that can indeed frighten at first. A metal rod is implanted transcranially in a particular area of the brain. This electrode sends electrical signals to the neuro..
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