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China healthcare plan

Try a new trend of world tourism – medical tourism in France!

> Medifrance Solution gives you an opportunity to restore your health in the most romantic and beautiful country of Europe.

> France is among the top 10 countries preferred by the Chinese.

> A lot of celebrities and VIP persons come for treatment to France!
And do you know that the French healthcare system is recognized by WHO as a number one in the world? The latest technologies, ultramodern equipment, careful and highly skilled staff, a couture medicine and haute de gamme.
Do you go for treatment or some medical procedures to South Korea, and for travel, rest, and luxury to France? Then we have very good news for you!
Only in France, it is possible to taste gastronomic dishes and feel romanticism in such place as a hospital because France is the country of fashion, beauty, and the greatest delicacies.


New trend –
Health&Check-up in Paris

Plastic surgery
and the castles of the Loire

Wellness and SPA’s
in the best resorts of France

To Lyon for health and impressions

Birth in the French Riviera –
the choice of Hollywood stars

Packages On Demand –
Health&French Lifestyle

The French plastic surgery is in great demand. More and more Asian patients who want to make the European face go to France. Who else, as not the European and especially the Frenchman with a tremendous taste will be able to make an ideal face.

. . .

Endoprosthetics, oncology treatment, the most difficult heart operations – all this can be done in France in the best clinics by the best doctors as Medifrance Solution will pick up the doctor and clinic for you, based on your possibilities and requirements. Also, you will be given a translator into Chinese or English to avoid any misunderstanding with the doctor.

. . .

What is the real luxury? These are not stuff from France, not perfume and cosmetics – this is treatment in France!

. . .

And are you ready for a new experience? If yes, book your operation online, and we will organize everything! Let operation or treatment become the most pleasant memory in your life!

China healthcare plan

France has been known for its hospitality for a long time. As it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, France has lots of tourists. However, in recent years in France, it is possible to meet among foreigners not just tourists but medical tourists. France is especially popular among the Chinese. Treatment in France for the citizens of China is a new type of luxury. Where else can you not only have a rest, admire sights but also restore your health? The Chinese have a unique opportunity to travel across France and receive high-quality treatment. It is available to citizens with different income. For those who choose all the best, there is a VIP service. Now the Chinese have no need to go for treatment to one country, and for rest to another. They can get all this in France!

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