Within the international development of the French healthcare facilities and affiliate for foreign patients, there are medical courses and exchange of experience between doctors.

Exchanges of experience

We can organize the exchange of experience for any doctor from your clinic, according to the individual program. For our partners, participation is free.

Improve and learn new medical methods
This exchange of experience will allow the foreign doctor to improve and learn new medical surgical methods used in France for the purpose of improving his medical education.
Learn about other medical practices
This exchange of experience will allow the French doctor to learn about other medical practices and new medical culture, improving with the help of other doctors, and starting relationship with them in order to improve the quality of reception of foreign patients.


About surgical or therapeutic methods
The French doctors will teach foreign colleagues their surgical or therapeutic methods. Learn about new techniques of diagnostics and treatment of diseases.

Learn how to use the latest equipment and materials in medical practice.

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We organize the exchange of experience between interns

There is a variable timing for the exchanges between interns that allow foreign interns improving and going through a cycle of education in France. It will also help the French interns to learn new medical cultures and enrich their education with the international experience. 

The training of interns is free according to partner programs.

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Online consultation with the specialist/telemedicine

Sometimes, even the best doctors doubt. Don’t be afraid to contact one of your colleagues in France for assistance and guidance in a difficult case! 

Everyone and everywhere can get the analysis and medical examination of the French specialist: there are online consultations between the French doctor and the foreign patient and between the French doctor and the foreign doctor. This additional analysis is necessary in special cases or in requesting another medical report. 

The contract price.

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Management courses

We offer medical facility management courses. Gain experience of medical facility management in France.
Storage of medicine
Logistics of materials – 0 drains, 0 waste, 0 expenses.
Improvement of the maintenance staff quality
Optimization of material resources management
Establishment of intersectoral communication between health workers and administration
New methods in development of medical marketing of healthcare facilities
Consultation – from 30 euros an hour.
individual online consultation
group webinars
courses in France
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courses and consultations on reception of international patients

Medifrancesolution will help all market participants (clinics, doctors, associations) to expand at international level.

Would you like to become an expert in the field of medical tourism and have a substantial flow of patients?

We advise leaning on model 4X5 for the best choice of marketing strategy and a better understanding of foreign patients. This model divides consumers into different types depending on the factors inducing them to travel with the medical purpose and also depending on the influences of their final choice.

Four main reasons for travel with the medical purpose:

1) Search for the best prices

2) Search for the best medical care

3) Search for 2 in 1 (a travel + service)

4) Search for Luxury
Five reasons defining the choice of the direction:

1) Cultural/historical proximity

2) Physical/geographical proximity

3) Low cost

4) The attractiveness of the country

5) Quality of service

The crossing of both factors allows the best defining of the potential client (for whom both factors are positive) or a better understanding of how to define and attract those who don't correspond to 2 criteria. 

We suggest you to study your case jointly in order to define the purpose which you want to reach, and the purpose which you can reach easily. It optimizes your efforts, reducing the cost and time of promotion, allowing receiving concrete and quick results. 

Consultation – from 30 euros an hour.

individual online consultation
group webinars
courses in France
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Development of cooperation with health workers abroad

Do you want to cooperate with health workers abroad but don't know how to start? You haven't met health workers, have you? Medifrance Solution will help you to search for partners that you're looking for.

Do you represent the center of medical care or are you the health worker looking for cooperation with health workers abroad for researches, exchange of experience between doctors and interns, or for help in the development of healthcare facilities in undeveloped countries?

Thanks to our network of professional health workers and founders abroad we will provide you necessary resources both at the early stage of partnership (feasibility, a legal study, risks …), and at the final stage (installation of the separation programs, evolution of partnership, improvement …).

We will help you to establish any kind of cooperation due to a great variety of contacts in the sphere of medicine.