Frequently asked questions about treatment abroad

Where on the Internet can I find links to the English version of the websites of the French clinics (Clinic Victor Hugo, and others that you recommend)

Centre Jean Bernard and Victor Hugo Medical Clinic, and other French clinics have no websites in English. The reason is that in France doctors and medical facilities are forbidden to promote themselves. The French are convinced that healthcare cannot be considered as goods and therefore, it should not be on sale. Thereby, it is possible to avoid a corruption component, which is so widespread in modern paid medicine.

This very interesting specific of the French medicine, first of all, benefit the patients who receive first-class service at affordable prices, the human attitude towards themselves and lack of an opportunity to profit at your expense.

Therefore, if meeting on the Internet websites of the French clinics in many languages or a frequent mention of some doctors, then we recommend getting suspicious. The fact is that only unfair specialists advertise themselves in large quantities. During the work with such specialists, it is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee that you will have all your questions answered honestly, the maintenance will be cheap, and you, as a result, receive required treatment.

Do you help to solve issues with clinics?
If the patient has complications after treatment, we recommend addressing us. We will not only organize the necessary procedure, but also insist on a free repeated intervention and achieve payment of a penalty. Interests of the client are always in first place for us. Moreover, if a patient has problems, then we will be appealing to necessary authorities from his name and, knowing all specifics, and pushing the necessary buttons in the French administration.
There is suspicion of cancer, I want to schedule a check-up. What type of services can I order and how much will it cost?

There is a popular option, which we often offer our clients. Come for a check-up and consultation, and in addition, take money for radiotherapy.

Within the check-up, we will carry out full oncological diagnostics precisely to understand what the reasons and symptoms of it are. The cost of the complete check-up is 2,000 euros.

A room in a 3-star hotel costs about 50-60 euros per day. It is necessary to book a room for a week.

It is possible to choose a full maintenance for 5 days for 1,070 euros, where you will get: met at the station and transfer, personal translator, booking of a hotel, train, personal driver).

Translation service can be taken separately charging by the hour and be post-paid. Actually, you can do this with a taxi, concierge and phone maintenance. If you want, you can leave an application, and we will count each of the services separately and tell you the full sum based on your conditions.

You have an advance payment of 100 percent. However, if I have some money left, then what are the details and terms of their return?

Advance payment of 100 percent is only necessary if you need a visa. It is more for embassy since visa refusal is possible if treatment is not paid.

In the case of visa refusal that is almost impossible, but we return an advance payment if the refusal was not the patient’s fault. It happens if the client, having a ban on travel out of the country, wants to obtain a visa. We recommend being sure that there is no ban before the payment.

It should be noted that the cost, which is paid by the patient while booking, is usually approximate. There is a probability that after the additional analyses the patient will be offered this option. We always try to keep within the specified sum; otherwise, we will warn and explain why we need a correction of the sum.

It is quite possible that the patient will not need expensive treatment, and the doctor will offer inexpensive hormonal therapy. However, if the doctor sees potential cancer, then he will suggest operating it, and it will increase the cost.

French are not the best in the world in oncology, but they are the best in diagnostics. For this reason, they have such good indicators. The French specialists can even determine the problem by a swab and biopsy of healthy tissue: it can be hormonal cancer, protein or some other kind, what are the provocative factors and so on. Through information received, the specialists will offer you appropriate treatment.

How much do the services of a translator and the translation of documents cost? Is it necessary to translate documents into French before arrival to France?
Services of a translator will cost from 30 euro per hour. Documentation will be translated at the request of the patient. There are often just pictures or markers, and they are universal, so it is possible to translate only the conclusion (usually 1-2 pages), and the cost will not be more than 50 euros.
How do you receive patients? Is there maintenance, transfer, and housing?

We usually adapt to the desires and possibilities of the patient. If he or she have no opportunity at all, then we offer maintenance only by phone, as it is the cheapest. Such clients, as a rule, seek out a transfer and housing on their own. The budget option is to take the train from the airport directly to Le Mans. The cost of the ticket from Charles de Gaulle Airport can change, but on average costs about 80 euro, we can send a car, but it will cost from 300 euro. We can help with the hotel booking or Airbnb, and with train tickets booking.

If a patient has an opportunity, then he takes full maintenance plus the concierge service. Such clients receive full maintenance from A to Z, including transfers from the airport and back, placement in luxurious apartments, personal translator and 24/7 customer phone support.

Is there an opportunity to pay at the box office of a hospital?

Unfortunately, no such opportunity exists. It is impossible to pay at the box office of a hospital for the following reasons:

  • Because of a frequent non-payment, hospitals refuse to book places for foreign patients without advance payment.
  • Besides, neither the invitation nor the confirmation are given without advance payment.

A hospital, unlike a clinic, is a government facility. For this reason, not all hospitals have commercial offices since they were under a ban earlier.

Unlike hospitals, private clinics can bill. Hospitals do not do that. As we have already written in answers to other questions – in France medicine is not considered as goods.

Our aim while escorting our clients is to guarantee the hospital a timely payment and the legality of the payment.

Having the documents confirming the fact of payment, the patient is already protected from every side. Heaven forbid, if something happens – the case against the doctor or clinic will be opened in a minute.

You will not need contracts. Laws protect the patient in France. On your side, you will have many various instances, which represent namely your interests, but not the interests of doctors and clinics.

Is it possible to contract a clinic directly?

Commercial activity in the field of medicine is forbidden in France. Therefore, there cannot be contracts between a client and a clinic (a doctor, a hospital). Any similar contract with a medical facility in France will not be legitimate.

Many foreign patients do not understand this fact. In the bill, there are listed all your procedures and from the moment of payment, the laws from deontological, criminal and civil codes enter into force.

Being the representatives of clinics, we sign a sales contract with our clients.

However, it does not directly concern medical services, but only the additional services provided by our company, such as transfers, maintenance, and organization of leisure time.

In return, we can suggest you become a guarantor of a hospital and sign a document in which it will be stated that we guarantee the consultation and analyses at a rate of the paid sum.

If I address you, but not directly a clinic, who will send me the document confirming payment and in what language or languages will it be in?

We send the document confirming payment. This document will be given directly by a hospital since we represent its interests, which is stated in the contract.

Payment confirmation and other documents, according to the French laws, will be in French.

We can translate it into Russian so you could understand the information stated in the documents, however, without notarization such translation will not have validity. In the case of need, the translation can be notarized or you can address the special translator of documents, but this leads to additional expenses.

Can you have problems with getting a visa in the embassy?

According to practice, 99,9% of patients can obtain visas. If you do not obtain a visa, then we will return the money paid by you earlier on the assumption that the refusal was not your fault.
What should the patient do to get to the French clinic for an appointment with a doctor?

It is necessary to settle the dates at the very beginning of your travel planning. We coordinate them with you, the doctor and the hospital.

After the agreed date, you should pay the bill. It is necessary so we can book all that is necessary in a hospital for you. It is possible to pay the bill by bank transfer.

When the clinic receives the money, the document (invitation) which confirms payment, and the booking date of the consultation and possible analyses will be given to you. You will need this document as well for the embassy.

Having the invitation, you can book plane tickets, along with a hotel or an apartment on the websites or If there are questions concerning tickets or hotel booking, you can ask our expert for help.

After accomplishing the described above steps, you can apply to the embassy for a visa. In the embassy, it will be necessary to show return tickets, the invitation, payment confirmation, and hotel booking.

Having obtained a visa, you will need to arrive in France. We will help you to do all the rest.