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Unfortunately, no such opportunity exists. It is impossible to pay at the box office of a hospital for the following reasons:

  1. Because of a frequent non-payment, hospitals refuse to book places for foreign patients without advance payment.
  2. Besides, neither the invitation nor the confirmation are given without advance payment.
  3. A hospital, unlike a clinic, is a government facility. For this reason, not all hospitals have commercial offices since they were under a ban earlier.

Unlike hospitals, private clinics can bill. Hospitals do not do that. As we have already written in answers to other questions – in France medicine is not considered as goods.

Our aim while escorting our clients is to guarantee the hospital a timely payment and the legality of the payment.

Having the documents confirming the fact of payment, the patient is already protected from every side. Heaven forbid, if something happens – the case against the doctor or clinic will be opened in a minute.

You will not need contracts. Laws protect the patient in France. On your side, you will have many various instances, which represent namely your interests, but not the interests of doctors and clinics.