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There is a popular option, which we often offer our clients. Come for a check-up and consultation, and in addition, take money for radiotherapy.

Within the check-up, we will carry out full oncological diagnostics precisely to understand what the reasons and symptoms of it are. The cost of the complete check-up is 2,000 euros.

A room in a 3-star hotel costs about 50-60 euros per day. It is necessary to book a room for a week.

It is possible to choose a full maintenance for 5 days for 1,070 euros, where you will get: met at the station and transfer, personal translator, booking of a hotel, train, personal driver).

Translation service can be taken separately charging by the hour and be post-paid. Actually, you can do this with a taxi, concierge and phone maintenance. If you want, you can leave an application, and we will count each of the services separately and tell you the full sum based on your conditions.