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It is necessary to settle the dates at the very beginning of a travel planning. We coordinate them with you, professor and hospital.

After the agreed date, you should pay the bill. It is necessary so we could book all necessary in a hospital for you. It is possible to pay the bill by bank transfer.

When the clinic receives money, the document (invitation) which is confirming payment, and booking date of consultation and possible analyses will be given to you. You will need this document further for the embassy.

Having the invitation, you book plane tickets, hotel or apartment on the websites or If there are questions concerning tickets or hotel booking, you can ask our expert for help.

After passing the described above steps, you can apply for a visa to the embassy. In the embassy, it will be necessary to show return tickets, the invitation, payment confirmation, and hotel booking.

Having obtained a visa, you will need to arrive in France. We will undertake all the rest.