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Centre Jean Bernard and Victor Hugo Medical Clinic, and other French clinics have no websites in English. The reason is that in France doctors and medical facilities are forbidden to promote themselves. The French are convinced that healthcare cannot be considered as goods and therefore, it should not be on sale. Thereby, it is possible to avoid a corruption component, which is so widespread in modern paid medicine.

This very interesting specific of the French medicine, first of all, benefit the patients who receive first-class service at affordable prices, the human attitude towards themselves and lack of an opportunity to profit at your expense.

Therefore, if meeting on the Internet websites of the French clinics in many languages or a frequent mention of some doctors, then we recommend getting suspicious. The fact is that only unfair specialists advertise themselves in large quantities. During the work with such specialists, it is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee that you will have all your questions answered honestly, the maintenance will be cheap, and you, as a result, receive required treatment.