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Advance payment of 100 percent is only necessary if you need a visa. It is more for embassy since visa refusal is possible if treatment is not paid.

In the case of visa refusal that is almost impossible, but we return an advance payment if the refusal was not the patient’s fault. It happens if the client, having a ban on travel out of the country, wants to obtain a visa. We recommend being sure that there is no ban before the payment.

It should be noted that the cost, which is paid by the patient while booking, is usually approximate. There is a probability that after the additional analyses the patient will be offered this option. We always try to keep within the specified sum; otherwise, we will warn and explain why we need a correction of the sum.

It is quite possible that the patient will not need expensive treatment, and the doctor will offer inexpensive hormonal therapy. However, if the doctor sees potential cancer, then he will suggest operating it, and it will increase the cost.

French are not the best in the world in oncology, but they are the best in diagnostics. For this reason, they have such good indicators. The French specialists can even determine the problem by a swab and biopsy of healthy tissue: it can be hormonal cancer, protein or some other kind, what are the provocative factors and so on. Through information received, the specialists will offer you appropriate treatment.