Evelina Bledans, popular Russian film & theater actress made a medical travel to France France with her 4-year-old son Semen that has Down syndrome. During their stay, she has had some cosmetic procedures such as fillers injections and cryolipolysis done by the famous French plastic surgeon Jean-Louis Durand based in Le Mans. Little Semen was examined by the professors of pediatrics of the Clocheville University Hospital in Tours. The actress was welcomed by the Medifrance Solution team that took care of all the formalities and arranged the consultations with the specialists. Ms. Bledans appreciated the professionalism of French doctors and high quality of the medical facilities equipment. She was equally pleased with the organization of all medical visits and expressed gratitude on her social network pages. She has even admitted that she considers the French medicine to be the best in the world.

People from the countries of former URSS have just started to discover the French medicine and medical travel to France is an emerging phenomenon. The Russian media didn’t leave this visit unattended as numerous websites and newspapers have published articles about the famous actress’ travel.