On June 26-29, the world famous town of Le Mans opened its doors to the Russian media. With the support of Medifrance Solution company, the journalists of popular Russian media checked out French medicine and saw for themselves that France is not only the country of love but also the voice of medicine. As has been repeatedly emphasized, the need for bilateral dialogue between Russian and French doctors is great, and we, as citizens of France, are very pleased that this dialogue begins in a friendly atmosphere.

French medicine

French medicine

Exchange of experience, the introduction of the innovative medical technologies… for many of our guests it was a real discovery how much progress the French medicine and public health system has made in the recent years. Treatment of the cardiovascular system diseases, da Vinci robotic surgery, best practices, and efficient tools to fight against cancer – the journalists learned about all this directly from those who save live every day, asking nothing in return. French specialists described in detail the great success they had achieved. Most noteworthy, France was recognized by the WHO as the country with the best healthcare system in the world!

Among many big names in the history of medicine, there are such famous personalities as Pasteur, Laennec or Tessier. However, it was a big surprise for our Russian guests that modern specialists maintain the reputation of the worthy ancestors! High-quality medicine is the key to successful development of the state, and our country understands it very well. Therefore the French government fully finances the medical system of the country, which enables constant improvements and opens more of new treatment directions. Any person can check it on their own experience, because, unlike Germany or Israel, extracting profits is not a priority factor for French experts. The life and comfort of the patient – this is what drives us to develop the quality of care.

Thanks to the Government support, all of the French clinics have the latest equipment that allows providing medical services for the people at the highest level. During their visit, our Russian guests were demonstrated the latest achievements of French experts in the field of health and beauty, which the journalists later gladly described in their articles.

We do not hide from their patients behind stone walls. On the contrary, the purpose of each of the French doctor is to provide the fullest support for each patient. Because of this more and more people are choosing French clinic services over expensive German and Israeli options.

Coming to France for medical treatment guarantees the European quality. By choosing French medicine you choose your healthy future!