French Medical System

Medical tourism. France is popular medical destination. 


First of all, it is worth noting that costs for medical services in France are among the most attractive ones. The quality and the results are also better recognized than in other leading countries in the medical tourism industry. Why do most people choose France exclusively for leisure and travel? The reason is that the original French healthcare system did not provide the possibility of accepting foreign residents for treatment. Those who wished to receive a high-quality French treatment faced a large number of insurmountable formalities, ending up in a waste of time that the foreign patient didn’t always have.

At this moment, France is opening its doors to anyone who wants to get the first-class treatment at an affordable price. France has an extensive history of discoveries in the field of medicine. Because of this, the French medicine deservedly takes the first place in the list of the World Health Organization. In addition to important discoveries in the field of medicine, France also accounts for more than 1,500 private clinics and more than 30 universities, where professors pass on their knowledge to future medical specialists.

In France, there are many great qualified medical professionals working in clinics and hospitals. In these medical institutions, the medical types of equipment are regularly maintained; high-tech and innovative treatment methods are introduced. All health care institutions undergo regular examinations by the French National Health Authority. Certifications shall be obtained not only by the clinics but also by all practitioners who, furthermore, keep on learning specific developments about their specialty. In order to maintain the quality of medicine at the highest level and improve the procedures, the French medical scientists are constantly working on medical researches.

The result of this work includes numerous medical discoveries. Thanks to these researches, French specialists can diagnose “potential” uterine cancer by finding the cells which can subsequently transform into cancerous ones. Early diagnostics can prevent disease or provide successful treatment. France ranks first among the countries in which infertility can be successfully treated. It also shows the highest percentage of successfulness in vitro fertilization.

Billion euros
were invested in health care
in health care institutions in France
care professionals

Most French clinics successfully treat orphan and severe diseases. For instance, the percentage of full recovery of hepatitis C patients (genotype 2 and 3) is more than 80%. French doctors were the first to use the method of radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer treatment. And this is not an exhaustive list of examples that place France among the leading countries in the medical field. Thus, it’s safe to say that the French are the best not only in tourism, gastronomy, and fashion, but are also the indisputable champions in the medical field.

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