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They go there for various reasons: on a tour, for work, for medical purposes. Because of several terrorist attacks which have happened recently many Americans doubt, whether they should go to Europe.

First of all, let’s look, how real is the terrorism threat?i it safe to go to europe

The statistics say that over the last 10 years about 140 thousand people in the world have died as a result of terrorist attacks. This impressive number nevertheless is dimming against the background of others for which we care a little.

Per year 350 thousand people in the world die from food poisonings and infections that are 10 times more, than deaths from terrorist attacks. About 24 thousand people perish from lightning strokes that is comparable with the number of victims of terrorist attacks.

In 15 years in Europe has died less than five hundred people at the hands of terrorists. It is less than in plane crashes. But in 2014 in Europe, 25,7 thousand people have died in road incidents and more than 200 thousand have been permanently disabled.

More than 250 thousand deaths in the USA happen per year because of medical errors that make about 9,5% of the annual number of deaths.

One more issue that not many of Americans have considered is a free sale of the weapon and that is much more dangerous than terrorism threat. Today in the USA anyone can buy a gun and in many states, no special documents for this purpose are required. According to the Gun Violence Archive group, only since the beginning of 2015 in the USA about 8,5 thousand people have been killed and more than 17 thousand have got gunshot wounds. According to some information, in America in a private property, there are more than 300 million of firearms. And part of them Americans buy and carry without any restrictions. There is no official statistics at the fact that how many firearms are available in the United States, but this number probably reaches 300 million. That is enough to arm each man, woman and child. On average in the USA through the use of firearms 11 385 people are annually killed.

During the same period, 517 people have been killed in terrorist attacks.

How to visit Europe safely?

lechenie-v-evropeIf you want your travel to Europe to be safe, we advise you to observe 10 simple commandments of the traveler:

  1. Consult your doctor about necessary inoculations and vaccines.
  1. Carry around copies of your passport. If the original is suddenly lost, it will be much easier to receive a new one if you have a copy.
  1. Leave one copy at the member of your family. Besides, send it on your e-mail.
  1. Register your trip in an embassy that in a case of need it was simpler for them to contact you.
  1. Take enough money in necessary currency. Take both cash and credit cards.
  1. Notify your bank of the plans for a trip. As if when checking, they see a transaction in Europe, they can suspect fraud and switch-off your card as a security measure.
  1. Take the transitional device for various power supply networks as in the different countries diverse sockets and tension of network are used.
  1. Keep useful numbers (phones of your relatives, phones of the emergency services and embassies) in the phone book.
  1. Avoid doubtful carriers. Don’t sit down in a taxi without identification marks.
  1. Keep an eye on where your driver goes. Don’t sink into your phone or notebook.