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Our water has unique properties. Since ancient times, people have used it for health improvement. In this regard, underground springs are particularly unique, which are still used by many medical centers and resorts.

Modern thermal resorts use not only hot springs, but also springs with warm water. Such places are often open to visitors all year round, as the temperature in the spring pools is very comfortable for bathing even in the open air. Each spring is unique in its composition. The most common elements in thermal waters are magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese.

The use of thermal waters for medicinal purposes is possible only by a specialist’s recommendations. That is why the thermal resorts have highly qualified medical personnel, who can always give advice to clients of the resort. Spring water is taken in, it is used not only for drinking but also for washing. Thermal spring water is a part of many modern cosmetics and medicinal preparations. It is used to treat problems of the musculoskeletal system, digestive and respiratory systems. Good results are achieved when using water from hot springs to help clients suffering from sleep disorders, neuralgia. Water from springs improves the immunity, which prevents many health problems of the resort customers.

Efficiency of thermal water is confirmed in rehabilitation of patients after surgery: it contributes not only to faster recovery, but also removes some defects of the skin. You can choose a thermal resort only after receiving recommendations of your attending physician. Prior consulting a specialist is needed because each spring is unique, and only a professional who knows your problem from the inside can help you choose the appropriate one.

populyarnye termalnye kurorty evropy

Popular thermal resorts in Europe

Today about 1,000 thermal springs are available in France. The water of the French springs is healing and is used both for treatment and in cosmetology.

Three thermal resorts of Vichy, Evian and Bordeaux are best known today. The resorts differ in the composition of water, and in the range of additional services that are offered to the client. In addition to health improvement using water from the spring, they offer massages, body wraps, bath, scrubs and other services. And, of course, you will get familiar with one of the symbols of France – wine from local wineries, which is an essential feature of your stay in the French resorts.

However, the thermal resorts of Europe are not only in France. Switzerland with its Alpine springs, Iceland with its famous Blue Lagoon, Czech Republic with its most famous resort Karlovy Vary can boast the quality of their services and the advantages of their medical centers. Thermal resorts can be found in the UK, Germany, Austria and many other European countries. The country you choose depends on your preferences and your financial means.

A larger number of tourists with average incomes prefer thermal resorts in Hungary. However, if you don’t termalnye-kurortylike when there are many people around, you should look for other options. British thermal sources are less available, as it is problematic to get a British visa, especially in the current situation of the influx of refugees. And yes, the UK is quite an expensive country, so the holiday there will be quite more expensive. The perfect solution in this case will be the thermal resorts of France. There are quite many of them in the country so as not to create unnecessary congestion of people in one place. At the same time France offers affordable prices, the highest service and the latest technology.

The thermal resorts of France are healing waters, the properties of which were appreciated by the ancient Romans. French water helps to solve many health problems, significantly improve the appearance, regain composure.

Even those who do not know what a thermal resort is, certainly know the name of Vichy. This resort is considered the most famous thermal resort in the world. Water from the Vichy thermal springs is used for numerous cosmetic products. About 13,000 people visit the springs of this resort each year.

The hot springs of Bordeaux are also popular. The personnel of Les Sources des Caudalie is sure to offer you a wide range of services, and will also give the opportunity to try the famous French wines.

 Today, the beneficial properties of thermal waters are very well understood, so a qualified specialist will always be able to recommend you which spring to choose. When making recommendations the doctor will take into account the composition of the water and your contraindications. Personal recovery methods will be prepared based on this information. This professional approach will make you forget about your illness for a long time.

termalnye kurorty francii

 Thermal waters are effectively used not only in treatment, but also in cosmetics. A huge number of effective cosmetic products is made on their basis.

 The thermal resorts in France are not only an effective restoration of health, but also a comfortable stay in the heart of Europe under the guidance of experienced world-class professionals. The services provided by specialists of the resorts will allow you to relax 100%, restoring the vital energy, which is so necessary for new achievements. Spend time in France with the maximum benefit – be sure to visit the famous thermal resorts of this magnificent country.