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Today, spa is popular with those wishing to escape from the city, have a good rest and improve their health. However, it was not always like this. Spa treatments have come from Belgium, and they are related to the name of the Belgian town, where the first spas were created. To get a really high-quality spa treatments, the interested had to go to Europe, which you can afford not every time. Today, spa is quite common, and you don’t necessarily have to leave your country to get European-level services.

The main purpose of such vacation is a complete relaxation of the body, rest with the maximum benefit for the client. Programs offered today by various companies differ in cost and in terms of services. Tour operators often offer such a vacation. Spa vacation will allow you to escape from the city life, to relieve stress and regain strength for new achievements.

Spa Hotel: a place for your internal and external transformation

korolevskij-otdyhModern hotels offering the client a variety of spa programs are your perfect opportunity to receive high-quality services of experts in a pleasant, homely environment. Such hotels are located in the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world that allows you to not only improve your health, but also to enjoy the beauty of the world.

A Spa hotel always has a modern, equipped spa center that allows experts of high qualification to hold spa treatments at the highest level. The most common services include:

  • Hydrotherapy using sea, thermal, mineral and even fresh water;
  • Procedures with the use of algae and medicinal plants;
  • Mud therapy.

Most spa hotels can boast their own thermal springs. In addition to medical services, the hotel may include beauty services in the complex, including massage, sauna / bath, peelings, wraps and masks, and others.

Most of the hotels can offer services of special medical centers, with the help of which you can not just restore failing health while on holiday, but also to lose excess weight, to restore peace of mind, use the services of plastic surgeons.

How to choose a spa hotel?

Choosing a spa hotel is very responsible, you should take it very seriously. Often, in the pursuit of an affordable price people get not the spa vacation they have dreamed of. Almost every spa hotel has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as a special suite of services that distinguishes it from its competitors. However, it should be understood that comfortable accommodation and proper care can be provided only by highly skilled professionals, so, first of all, you must know who will carry out the procedures stated in the program.

Before deciding in favor of either option, it would be nice to explore the hotel’s reputation on websites. There are many websites where you can find Hotel ratings and reviews from users, it will not be difficult to find the necessary information. However, it is worth remembering that both positive and negative feedback can be paid up. Be sure to look at pictures of visitors.


It is quite natural that every visitor has its own criteria for evaluation, so impressions of the place of stay are quite different. When choosing a spa vacation, you should decide what is important for you, what is the state of your health and what services should be mandatory.

When choosing a spa hotel over a sanatorium it is also necessary to understand that the first option is more suitable for general health improvement and comfortable stay, while a sanatorium can offer a variety of treatment programs. If you are looking for high-quality treatment, it may be the best for you to find a sanatorium, which provides a wide range of medical services, but does not always provide a comfortable stay.

Modern spa hotels offer a variety of services to their clients, among which there may be a swimming pool and even a balneal center. However, not all Spa hotels can offer such services, so carefully study the programs and list of services.

What services are provided by Spa Hotels?

spa-otdyhThe most common services available to visitors of spa hotels include:

  • Cosmetic procedures for complete care for the face and body. They often include services of aesthetic surgeons, who will help you to eliminate all disturbing problems. Customers of the spa hotel have access to the most modern equipment and the services are provided by professionals of the industry. You will be able to return the glow of your skin, remove the traces of fatigue and accentuate your beauty;
  • Massages. It’s not necessary to explain. The only thing that should be borne in mind that hand massage is not always comfortable, it all depends on your preferences. Be sure to ask if it is possible to have a hardware massage. Massage will help you not only to relieve stress, but also to improve the results of other procedures;
  • Sauna, steam bath. These procedures will allow you to cleanse and strengthen the body, ridding it of toxins. You will be able to fully relax and enjoy the warm enveloping your body.

Why should you choose a spa hotel to relax?

Spa hotels offer their customers a variety of programs that can be selected individually. The cost of services included in the program in the spa salons is much higher, and their quality is often not high. Spa hotels care about their reputation, providing customers with maximum comfort and convenience.

Moreover, in addition to recovery, you get the opportunity to be alone with your loved ones or yourself in a stunning location with picturesque nature.