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Sarcoma is one of the rare cancers which management in an “expert center” is crucial for the prognosis of patients. Gustave Roussy has a dedicated team that works tirelessly to improve the knowledge of this pathology.

Sarcoma is a rare malignant tumor that develops from the supporting tissues of the human body, such as muscles, ligaments, joints, fatty tissue, blood vessels… There are three categories of sarcomas: bone sarcomas, visceral sarcomas, and soft tissue sarcomas.

The complexity and rarity of this cancer are in particular longer diagnostics in comparison with other cancers. The support of patients with sarcoma by a specialized center is crucial.

Gustave Roussy, an expert center


Being the world’s leading cancer-research center, Gustave Roussy is in charge of the surgical treatment of all visceral, osseous and soft tissue sarcomas, whatever their location, whether they are primitive or in a situation of recidivism. As with all rare diseases, the initial management of sarcoma in the expert center reduces the rate of recurrence and improves the survival rate. Because we only do well what we often do, Gustave Roussy brings together a concentration of experts who can offer advanced care to each patient.

Isolated limb perfusion


49% of soft tissue sarcomas develop from one limb. Gustave Roussy, which introduced the technique of isolated limb perfusion in France, is one of the only centers in the world to practice it. An alternative to amputation, this technique involves isolating a limb from the rest of the bloodstream to administer high doses of chemotherapy without affecting the rest of the body. The limb will be preserved in over 80% of the cases, the recovery period is shorter and the size of the tumor will be reduced, prior to a possible surgery. In 2016, Gustave Roussy made 25 such interventions, a number that tends to increase.