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HAS healthcare

HAS is an independent government body whose aim is to contribute to the quality and effectiveness of the healthcare system. Its main mission is to provide all patients and users with access to effective medical care. The supreme healthcare body performs three main functions: assessment, references and certifications/accreditations:

  • The assessment is the analysis of products from the medical and economic point of view, the analysis of technologies and work in healthcare.
  • The supreme healthcare body defines the principles of appropriate clinical practice, establishes references in the field of public healthcare, medico-economic researches, and management both for doctors and patients. And, at last, it defines treatment processes in the context of treatment of chronic diseases.
  • This body checks the work of medical facilities, it is responsible for the further training of the medical practitioners of various medical disciplines. It is also engaged in verification of websites in a healthcare area, and provides medical support and software support for prescriptions.

In 2012, the legislation formulated the main mission of the Supreme healthcare body, namely “to coordinate development and distribution of information of appropriate quality in medical facilities for users and their representatives.” In November 2013, the website Scope Santé that provides all information on the quality of healthcare and ways of treatment in healthcare facilities, was launched.

HAS - an independent government body

The supreme healthcare body carries out their activity not only in France, but also at the international level.

This body cooperates with various state and private organizations, medical and professional associations in France, and has close relations with the Department.

At the European and international level, the Supreme healthcare body established multilateral relations with most facilities.

HAS - the supreme healthcare body

It is a member of the European medical assessment cooperation program (EUnetHTA20), and it coordinates concerted actions on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in many the European countries.