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We want to tell you about the operations, which allow deleting parts of a thyroid gland without scars in a neck.

What function has a thyroid gland?


It secretes hormones, which are necessary for each cell’s work. Man can’t live without hormones therefore when the gland doesn’t secret them in sufficient quantity, they must be systematically filled.

What anomalies of a thyroid gland force to consult a doctor?


Most often, it happens during dysfunction of a thyroid gland, and when a non-cancerous or cancerous growth occurs. As for the function, this is about:

  1. Hyperfunction of a thyroid gland when it secretes too many hormones. It leads to an increased heart rate, excessive sweeting, tremor, sleep issues…
  2. Hypofunction of a thyroid gland when it doesn’t secret enough hormones. It leads to an energy loss, chill, fatigue… Very often nodules are found incidentally as they have no symptoms. In most cases, a doctor in charge sends patients to us when he has suspicions after a palpation or during the treatment of another disease. In most cases these nodules a non-cancerous.

thyroid gland operations


What check-up needs to be undergone to know is it a cancerous or non-cancerous growth?


It is worth beginning with echography and a dosage of TSH that allows estimating the function of a thyroid gland. When a nodule is less than 1 centimeter, it is enough just to keep an eye on it. If it is more than 1 centimeter, it is better to undergo surgery. “Check-up in one day” is a very convenient innovation: patients have their results during the day if it is necessary, they can visit the surgeon and plan operation on the same day before they come back home.

When is surgery necessary and what is the classical protocol of treatment?


It is usually necessary to delete a gland partially or completely. The surgeon makes a cut on a neck from 4 to 8 centimeters according to the nodule size. The operation is performed under the general anesthetic and usually lasts for an hour during deleting of one part and two hours during deleting the whole gland.

“Today the cut is more often made not on a neck but behind an ear”

What danger does a cancer nodule possess without surgery?


There are two forms of thyroid gland cancer.

  1. Microcancer is less than 1 centimeter; there is practically no danger of evolution in size.
  2. Others, in principle, evolve rather slowly, but in certain cases can take the neighboring organs (a throat, an esophagus) and extend to lymph glands in neck and even in the remote organs.

What are the results of a standard thyroid gland operations?


They are very satisfactory: from 90 to 95% of patients recover, but the scar remains visible and reminds of cancer, which each person wants to forget as quickly as possible.

What new equipment is used to avoid a scar on a neck?


It is about the surgical equipment, with the robot helper during which the cut is made not on a neck but behind an ear. The operator sitting at the panel directs the robot’s movements. The movements of the robot are much more precisely, comparing to the surgeon, and the powerful camera allows improving visibility during the operation. Our team is only in Europe which makes such thyroid gland operations. Colleagues can come to us to improve their skills.


thyroid gland operations


What results are achieved with the use of robotic surgery?


They surpass classical surgery in many respects both in the result and in the rehabilitation. Nowadays we conduct a research on 188 patients who have a thyroid gland cancer less than 4 centimeters. We will keep an eye on them within a year and report about results later.