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Representation of Medifrance at Moscow Medshow

The Moscow MedShow is a unique B2C exhibition in Moscow. The Moscow MedShow is an efficient B2C exhibition that will provide you a direct connection with your targeted audience – Russians that are eager to get high-quality treatment abroad.

Its implementation has become a pleasant tradition. The best medical facilities of the world take part in it. Participants from France, the USA, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Latvia, Japan, Poland, Israel, Lithuania, Finland, Malta, Korea and Singapore present their clinics and medical centers at the exhibition.

This year France also participated in the exhibition. This event did not go unnoticed, and the French representatives are always in huge demand among participants and visitors.

Participation of Medifrance Solution


This year the company Medifrance took part in the exhibition. For us, it was very important to establish a partnership and presence in Russia generally and in Moscow, in particular. We understand that if we want to give high-quality service to our Russian clients, we need to know them better.

Medifrance at Medshow

In addition, it is worth noticing that many people who complained about the quality of medicine in Russia came up to us. We felt they were inconsolable and already had given up all hope.

Some people came without a diagnosis, others – after a medical error. We are encouraged to note that there were a lot of people who are just in love with France.

Near our stand, there were always many people who wanted to communicate to the representatives of the French clinics. At the exhibition, we presented two facilities that are important for us: A Protestant clinic in Lyon and a clinic in Marseille. These two facilities in the south of France are considered the best in all the country. Still, a lot of people want to go for treatment to Paris, but the clinics in Marseille and Lyon have much more attractive prices, and the quality of medicine and service there is even better, than in such popular countries as Germany or Israel.

Medifrance presents France at Moscow Medshow

The situation today is such that people are tired of the unfairly inflated prices in places like Germany and Israel. They begin to understand that they can get even more high-quality treatment at a lower price, and they are really glad that France has finally opened the doors of its clinics to foreign patients!