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clinic-in-parisThis multidisciplinary clinic is located on eight hectares in Le Mans. Since 2008, the clinic offers a complex of the health services:

  • The MMSC: Medicine, surgery, psychiatry, emergency medical care
  • The maternity hospital and gynecology department
  • The centre of care and rehabilitation in outpatient conditions
  • The Medical House for the care and nursing of the ill people


  • The Dialysis Center, echography
  • The laboratory for medical analyses (medical biology)
  • The centre for medical pictures and visualization (ultrasound investigation, common X-ray, CT, MRI)

best-clinic-in-parisAll the departments of the multidisciplinary clinic meet the requirements of public services and take the first top positions in ratings.

The clinic contains 500 beds and seats for the hospitalization:

  • the surgical hospitalization in a full regime and in outpatient conditions
  • the hospitalization in a full and partial regime
  • the hospitalization in the obstetric department
  • the hospitalization in the neonatal intensive care department, equipped with beds of the kangaroo type
  • the hospitalization in a full regime in the psychiatric department


doctor-in-parisThe medical establishments are included in the social insurance system and basic societies of the solidary insurance.

The clinic is equipped with the perfect medical machinery of the last generation, including as follows:

  • the surgery unit of 18 rooms, 1 of which is intended for the interventional cardiology, 1 room for the robot-based surgery and 2 external units;
  • the obstetric unit, consisting of 12 rooms;
  • the neonatal intensive care department;
  • the room for the post-operative care, equipped with 28 beds for the awakening from the anesthesia;
  • the long-term medical care and surgery department;
  • the cardiology intensive care department;


The clinic aims to share its values, its business approach:

The managerial values were formalized by the members of the Executive Committee in the Agreement on the Quality Management, with the basic indicators as follows:

  • the solidarity and courage
  • the confidence
  • the respect and ability to listen
  •  the perfection, incorruptibility and exemplary manner
  • the sustainable development is a key public basis, which is an integral part of our business strategy:
  • the recycling for each category of wastes;
  • the optimal lighting of our environment;
  • the regular explanatory campaigns among the staff and the visitors;
  • the water discharge control;
  • the joint maintenance of the vehicles by the staff;
  • the cultural exchange among the staff, patients and visitors makes up one of our desires;


  • the Stella, located on the square in front of the MMSC;
  • the “Fortunate Event” is written on the Dromos floor;
  • the permanent exhibition in the clinic’s corridors on the city of Le Mans and its localities;
  • the thematic exhibitions in