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Location and accommodations:

The center has the opportunity to accommodate 19 patients in specially equipped places that allow to perform about 13 000 sessions annually. The medications are prepared at the Department of Succenturiate Cytotoxin Substances.

There are 33 beds on the three floors, 14 beds of which constitute the hospitalizing services for the palliative care. The treatment of diseases in cases of acute pain, as well as the cancer treatment, pain treatment and palliative care are offered.

Stay in the day patient department:

The ambulance consists of the beds in the patient’s room and the armchairs located in the sitting-room. The beds are intended primarily for the patients of the long-term treatment, as well as for the patients whose health status requires the bed rest.

On arrival you will be met by the nurse assistant, who will accompany you to your armchair or bed. Then the nurse will assign you a course of treatment. You may be offered to some reading, music, etc., in order to relax during the course of your treatment. If you wish, you may arrive with your books or with all the necessary for the cross embroidery.

Stay in the general department:

oncology-clinic-franceAll the patient’s rooms (21 single, 6 double and 2 therapeutic) are equipped with all the necessary amenities for your residence (lavatory, call bell, telephone, TV). You can go up on the floor either in the elevator, or on the stairs. The shower cabinets are available on the 2-nd and 3-rd floors. In order to respect your privacy, the division walls during the treatment procedures can be installed in a double room. On arrival the nurse assistant will accompany you to your patient’s room and offer you all the necessary information about the accommodations and safety.

Additional procedures, called “The Support Procedures in Oncology”:

are defined as “the support procedure package necessary for the ill people”.

The place for the patients includes:

. the informational stand with the information on cancer

. some support procedures

. this is the place for meetings and the informational exchange for the patients and their relatives


The support procedures offered to the patients who undergo or were undergoing the course of treatment in the Victor Hugo Clinic – the Jean Bernard Centre, include:

– The social worker can help you and your family in case of any difficulties.

– The anaesthetization with the performance of specialized consultations.

– The dietician is ready for the appointment with the patients, who have received the consultations on treatment, or who are receiving medical treatment in the in-patient department. In the course of these consultations the doctor can explain the particularities of the diet, prescribed by your physician, at your choice, advise the dishes depending on the existing disorders (sickliness, loss of appetite, deglutitive problem, bowel dysfunction, …). He can also give you some pieces of advice and recommend the menu for the maximum adaptation of your meals in the clinic to the home food.

If you wish, you and those close to you can be supported by the psychologist.

cancer-treatment-franceThe sophrology specialist will offer you the relaxing therapy sessions (a method based on the techniques of the body relaxation and the mental relaxation.)

The activities of discussing the health status make an important element of the Plan for Combating Cancer, which was created for you to be able to take advantage of the best conditions of the status support, in particular after you have learnt of your diagnosis. After your first consultation with the therapist-radiologist or the oncologist and up to the beginning of the treatment you may be offered a consultation with a specially trained nurse or the laboratory technician and specialist in the radiation therapy, if you had been prescribed the chemotherapy treatment. Your companion will give you the necessary time to explain the particularities of the treatment and its side effects once again, as well as clue you in case if you will need the support procedures