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An anonymous review of a plastic surgery in France experience.

“Like 32 millions of my fellow American women, I have been thinking about getting plastic surgery since I realized that my breasts had stopped growing when I was about 21 years old. It wasn’t like it was an issue that dominated my life but I just have always had that perfectionist side in me that was never quite satisfied with what I had. I like experimenting with the way I look and since plastic surgery has become quite a safe and scar-free procedure, I decided to give it a try.

As a successful woman with a stable income, cost wasn’t an issue. Our health isn’t something we should have to bargain for and I didn’t want to take any risks. After researching the market for some time, I noticed that prices began to go up for no objective reason. Obviously, if it was a non-invasive procedure like botox injections, it wouldn’t be worth the hustle. But what I wanted was a breast augmentation.

Not willing to pay more, I started looking for a better deal and discovered that traveling abroad for treatment was a real deal. It is even a trend. But I found the choice of countries where people “normally” go for cheaper treatment was questionable. Countries such as Thailand, Costa Rica, Brazil, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic can be perfectly reasonable choices for those who wish to undertake in-depth research to find the right doctor and clinic. As for me, I didn’t want to lose my time.

Skipping the wait line was a big reason I decided to get my plastic surgery done abroad. I started looking for other, “safer” destinations with the same “Western” standards of patient care. This is when Western Europe came onto my horizon. In particular, I singled out France because it is an economically developed country with a strong medical system. Moreover, as the homeland of modern beauty standards, I didn’t have any doubts that the results would be stunning and natural-looking.

I must admit that I have always been a fan of Parisian chic. Just take a look at French women: they enjoy themselves regardless of age. Of course, lucky genes help and it isn’t difficult to look good when you have mastered the joie de vivre. French women take pride in their age. They don’t want to look like 20 year-old girls, they want to look like themselves, only with a few minor enhancements. That’s what I wanted too.

The medical tourism market is so developed nowadays that you have special agencies that help you arrange everything. They are called “facilitators” and they are a Godsend. Despite not being familiar with the French healthcare system, or speaking the language, I was able to get the answers to all my questions with their help. You should never be afraid to bug them with questions. Even if it’s a free online consultation, it is their job to explain everything to you. It’s only with the detailed information you can make the right choice.

This is how you work with them. After processing your request, they offer you a choice of several surgeons best suited for your desire, as well as a choice of cities where you can have your operation done. An interesting point, they also notify you if the surgeon operates at a clinic that has a reanimation unit (just in case).

Among other things, they explain why going to France for treatment is the best choice. The medical system is advanced and all the doctors have to study for at least nine years to get their generalist degree. In the case of plastic surgeons, they need to study for an additional five years to get their accreditation. I knew I was in good hands.

You then have to complete a survey about you medical history and send the photos of what ‘fixes’ you would like to get done. The doctor will then do a consultation where they will explain how exactly they would help you get the results you want. In my case, the doctor told me precisely what size I should get, the type of incisions that would be needed and the implants.

I found the perfect doctor who shared my vision of my remodeled self. It also happened that he worked in a smaller town not far from Paris which, I guess, would be very appreciated if you were looking for privacy and calmness. For me, it was better because smaller town also means less cost for both the surgery (I ended up paying only $4000 for everything, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, implants and facility fees included) and accommodations.

At our first consultation with my surgeon, I knew I had found my match. He listened to me carefully, answered to all my questions professionally, gave realistic expectations, and, most importantly, cheered me up and ensured that everything would be great. When you decide to go for treatment to another country, it’s not unreasonable to feel nervous. Unfamiliar surroundings and language can make you feel anxious. But all my nervousness went away after I met the doctor on the second day of my arrival. As for the remaining language barrier, I was relieved to have a personal assistant who accompanied me and translated everything at all the key points of my stay.

I will not go into details about the surgery, but everything went according to plan: anesthesia consultation, arrival, intervention, rehabilitation. It went smoothly and the rehabilitation wasn’t too overwhelming. And, oh, the food at French hospitals is delicious! Also, in France, even the post-surgery lingerie is glamorous, it has Calais lace on it! It’s made of fabric that literally feels like second skin and has innovative magnet closure.

At the end of my rehabilitation, I had an obligatory post-op consultation with my doctor. The difference between French and others is they would much rather keep you at the hospital for a few more days than to risk one’s health. After becoming their client, they feel personally responsible for your wellbeing.

Within 2 days, I was discharged from the hospital and back at my hotel. I took my time to recover and, in the interim, I enjoyed France. I spent a couple of days enjoying sunny weather, fresh croissants, coffee at the terraces and the farmer markets with the true French cheese and seafood. That’s not to mention the great healing power of the French red wine!

And then I took a train to Paris and immediately forgot about all the discomfort I was still feeling. I lost my head wandering in the streets of this city. From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, along the boards of the Seine river and its bridges, I felt as if I was in a movie. The City of lights has everything you need to help you recover: history, art, food, shopping. Truly, it was the city that healed me.

plastic surgery in France

After a few amazing days, I was ready to go home. My close ones were happy to see me again and I was just happy with the result – and I still am more than a year and a half later. My breasts couldn’t be more symmetrical and shaped the way I imagined. I got everything I wanted.

Lastly, I would like to say that getting plastic surgery has helped me feel  more confident, which has helped me in my personal life and career. I never could have imagined how this simple operation could have transformed my life – but it has. And it will do it for you, too. Just don’t take risks.”