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Presidential elections took place a little over a month ago in France and Emmanuel Macron was elected as the new president. This is the youngest French president in the country’s history. Earlier, Macron was an investment banker and in a consequence the Minister of Economy and Finance. It is not hard to fathom that the new president has no problem with the economy.

His world famous slogan sounds as “En Marche!” that means “Forward!” in English. And France moves in this direction now. The French medicine isn’t an exception. Now, the French hospitals move “En Marche!” What does it mean?

It means the following: earlier the French state clinics had no right to be engaged in commercial activities. This ban didn’t just complicate, but often made treatment impossible for foreign citizens. Respectively, such a direction as medical tourism was very little developed in France until now.

For this reason, even today not all foreign patients know about an accessible opportunity for treatment in France. Experience has shown that they lose much. Not only is the French medicine one of the strongest in the world, prices for treatment there are the lowest in comparison with the USA, Israel or Germany.

Macron moves En Marche

Emmanuel Macron is known for his liberal views, which have a positive effect on the French medicine. Earlier when he was the Minister of Economy and Finance, Macron was like a breath of fresh air for the French hospitals. With his help, the French hospitals can form business affiliates now. So, how is that good for the patients?

Some patients don’t want to be treated just in clinics, they choose hospitals. It is not that in clinics there is a bad equipment or a low level of health services. The matter is that in hospitals the level of health services is even better! They are characterized by constant clinical research by the world-famous doctors. For example, in a situation when the foreign patient has a serious or rare disease, or he needs a transplant from a donor, all this can be done only in the hospital.

The French medicine ranks as one of the best in the world. Thanks to the fact that it is perfectly sponsored by the government, medical facilities are equipped with the latest technology, doctors have excellent qualifications and they masterfully use innovative practices. A small fly in the ointment is that the French hospitals slightly need reorganization and larger autonomy. But now, when they move “En Marche!”, such a problem will not recur in the future.