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France is the luxury country, treatment in France is very expensive!






Really, many Parisian clinics are pretty expensive, however, their patients understand that they pay for the high level of service, but not for the quality of the medicine. Everybody knows that quality of the French medicine is high throughout the country, even in towns. On average, the prices in France are 20% lower than in Germany. If you want to get high-quality treatment and not to overpay for the image of the city, go for treatment to Lyon or another city that is not very popular among tourists. (hyperlink to our prices).

The French are famous for the fashion, food but not for the medicine!






The Government of France allocates more than 70 billion euros a year for the development of the medicine. Every second clinic is equipped with robotic surgery, namely, in France, there is only in the whole Europe room of 3D surgery. And we don’t even speak about a huge number of medical breakthroughs! (the reference to article of opening of the French in the field of medicine)

The only language in the clinics of France is French




Almost true


The French are not really good at foreign languages, however, they always do their best to explain something to the foreigner and they’re very worried if the patient doesn’t understand them. Many clinics entrust communication questions to intermediaries who organize the process of maintenance and translation.

It’s very difficult to get treatment in France




Almost true


It is necessary to understand that the French medical system serves primarily to the French and to the people with national insurance. In France, you won’t find a commercial approach to the medicine! Besides, most of the French don’t speak other languages, for that reason if you sent your request to the French clinic, you’ll receive the answer at best in a month. Especially it concerns the state hospitals with a high level of bureaucracy, which is slowing down all processes of reception of foreign citizens.

France is generally specialized in plastic surgery






In spite of the fact that natural results of the French plastic surgeons have proven themselves around the world, France, as well as Austria, is the number one country in cancer treatment. Besides, namely, the French successfully introduce the last innovations in the field of orthopedics, preventive medicine, urology and reproductive health.