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Medical tourism for pets - medicine for domestic animals
  The term “medical tourism” is firmly established in everyday life. Medical tourism implies a trip to another country in order to obtain medical care. Medical care may include a second opinion (consultation with the doctor), check-up and the treatment itself. The main reasons why patients prefer to get treatment abroad are affordable prices, more modern treatment methods that are not available in their country of residence, and absence of waiting lists. The country's image also plays an important role in medical tourism. An example is France that at..
Cirrhosis. Stem cell therapy for terminally ill patients
Cirrhosis. Stem cell therapy for terminally ill patients   This article is a partial translation of the scientific publication “Cell Transplantation, Modern Treatment Method, and Prospects,” medical journal Rev Med Suisse.   Regenerative medicine restores the function of an organ or its damaged part. The transplantation of organs and cells is the real breakthrough in the treatment of even fatal pathologies. However, the organ shortage makes it impossible to save all patients. In Switzerland, for example, more than 500 patients having alcoholic ..
Shocking truth about breast implants, prostheses, and pacemakers.
The international investigation has shown that prostheses and implants can be hazardous to our health!   250 journalists from 36 countries participated in this investigation. The following implantable materials were examined: - Insulin pumps, - Pacemakers, - Breast implants, - Shoulder and knee joint prostheses.   The shocking report was published in November 2018 – there is a direct link between the increase of medical incidents (health problems) and the quality of implantable materials (aesthetic prostheses, implants for endoprosthetics, pacem..
Artificial intelligence in medicine. Interactive therapeutic robot Paro in French clinics
Artificial intelligence in medicine. Interactive therapeutic robot Paro in French clinics     You may think that this article is devoted to new surgical robots performing surgeries of varying complexity, or nurse robots delivering medications to patients. It is not so. Now we will talk about a cute robotic seal that is used in France to give emotional support to patients.   Smart robot seal   The therapeutic robot Paro is a baby harp seal. It was developed by the Japanese scientist Takanori Shibata. The public first saw this creation at the en..
The French surgeon saves a baby with a deadly heart disease
Alex was born in 2017 with a rare heart disease called “Tetralogy of Fallot”, which condemned him to death. In addition, he had serious pulmonary pathologies. Now Alex is just over a year old, and he is perfectly healthy. He is alive thanks to Dr. Fabio Cuttone and his professionalism. He did the impossible and gave Alex a healthy future. Dr. Fabio Cuttone operates on in the children's department of Toulouse University Hospital that was rated the best hospital in France in August. From the birth of the baby, Dr. Cuttone had to take a quick decisio..
Dr. Thierry Guetta MD – Urological surgeon in Paris
– Please, introduce yourself. – My name is Dr. Thierry Guetta. I am a urological surgeon and an andrologist in Paris, now practicing in Neuilly. – Tell us, please, where did you get your experience? – I am a former intern of Paris hospitals, a former Head of the Urology Department at Cochin Hospital. In 2008 together with my colleagues, we formed Paris Urological Centre, where I have been working up till now. I perform surgeries in Neuilly clinic and in the American Hospital of Paris. – What urological proble..
All about breast implants and breast surgery
Mammary hypoplasia is defined by the underdeveloped volume of breasts in relation to the general physique of the patient. It can be a result of underdevelopment of the gland during puberty, or it may appear again because of loss of glandular volume (pregnancy, weight loss, hormonal imbalance…). Lack of volume can be associated with ptosis (“falling” breasts with the sagging of the gland, stretched skin and too low areoles). The operation can be carried out at any age, starting from the age of 18. A minor patient, as a rule, cannot be subjected to ae..
At the cutting edge of sarcoma surgery
Sarcoma is one of the rare cancers which management in an “expert center” is crucial for the prognosis of patients. Gustave Roussy has a dedicated team that works tirelessly to improve the knowledge of this pathology. Sarcoma is a rare malignant tumor that develops from the supporting tissues of the human body, such as muscles, ligaments, joints, fatty tissue, blood vessels… There are three categories of sarcomas: bone sarcomas, visceral sarcomas, and soft tissue sarcomas. The complexity and rarity of this cancer are in particular longer diagnos..
An operation via virtual reality at the University Hospital of Montpellier
The operation on the back using virtual reality was carried out on Tuesday, November 7, at the hospital of the University of Montpellier. This is the first such operation in the world. This Tuesday in the operating room of Gui-de-Chauliac, in Montpellier, it was quite intense, and this is not surprising, given the fact that such an operation has never been carried out in the world. However, even such a tense atmosphere could not unsettle the “junior surgeon”, who operated with virtual reality glasses for the first time in his life. Spinal osteosynthesi..
Truth and lie about treatment in France
France is the luxury country, treatment in France is very expensive! False Really, many Parisian clinics are pretty expensive, however, their patients understand that they pay for the high level of service, but not for the quality of the medicine. Everybody knows that the quality of French medicine is high throughout the country, even in towns. On average, the prices in France are 20% lower than in Germany. If you want to get high-quality treatment and not to overpay for the image of the city, go for treatment to Lyon or another city that is not very popular among..
Don’t wait for an HSE operation!
An HSE surgery with no waiting lists. Why do patients in Ireland – both North and South – have to wait for a hospital operation for months, and in some cases even for years, unless they have private medical insurance or they can afford expensive private surgery? Public hospital waiting lists on both sides of the Irish border are growing longer on a weekly basis. Certainly, it is true: good health is priceless. But just because you can afford to go private, does that mean that you should be obliged to, and spend a great deal of money that you will never g..
The French hospitals, “En Marche!”
Presidential elections took place a little over a month ago in France and Emmanuel Macron was elected as the new president. This is the youngest French president in the country’s history. Earlier, Macron was an investment banker and in a consequence the Minister of Economy and Finance. It is not hard to fathom that the new president has no problem with the economy. His world famous slogan sounds as “En Marche!” that means “Forward!” in English. And France moves in this direction now. French medicine isn’t an exception. Now, the French ..
HAS – the supreme healthcare body
HAS is an independent government body whose aim is to contribute to the quality and effectiveness of the healthcare system. Its main mission is to provide all patients and users with access to effective medical care. The supreme healthcare body performs three main functions: assessment, references, and certifications/accreditations: The assessment is the analysis of products from the medical and economic point of view, the analysis of technologies and work in healthcare. The supreme healthcare body defines the principles of appropriate clinical practice, establi..
Medifrance Solution at the Moscow MedShow
The Moscow MedShow is a unique B2C exhibition in Moscow. The Moscow MedShow is an efficient B2C exhibition that will provide you a direct connection with your targeted audience – Russians that are eager to get high-quality treatment abroad. Its implementation has become a pleasant tradition. The best medical facilities of the world take part in it. Participants from France, the USA, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Latvia, Japan, Poland, Israel, Lithuania, Finland, Malta, Korea and Singapore present their clinics and medical centers at the exhibition. This y..
Is it possible to make thyroid gland operations without scars?
We want to tell you about these operations, which allow deleting parts of a thyroid gland without making scars on your neck. What function does a thyroid gland have? It secretes hormones, which are necessary for each cell’s work. People can’t live without these hormones, therefore when the gland doesn’t secret them in sufficient quantity, they must be systematically filled. What anomalies of a thyroid gland force you to consult a doctor? Most often, it happens during the dysfunction of a thyroid gland, and when a non-cancerous or cancerous grow..
HTI Conference
 March 3 – 4, 2016 Austria, Vienne  The Health Tourism Industry conference in Vienna was an eye-opening event that made us look at the medical tourism from a different angle and compare French medicine with other medical systems in the world. A year worth effort of learning everything about the healthcare field would be still less than all the information we received during these two days. Friendly atmosphere and high-level settings have made it very easy to participate and establish new contacts. This conference has provided great networking opport..
Cryoablation as an innovative cancer treatment method
It lies in our human nature that we never lose hope and always try to find an ultimate solution. So when such bad news as cancer fall on us, we are shocked and feel lost, but we keep on hoping we will get the right cure. No matter which stage we are at, what treatment we have already tried, what is the prognosis, we still try. Fortunately, medical specialists in France don’t lose hope either. They are always there to support you in such difficult times and to suggest yet another individually developed method to treat cancer. Back in 2008, they have offered cryoabl..
Neurosurgery assisted with Virtual Reality
A world premiere:  France is known to be a country with advanced medicine, especially when it comes to oncology.  It is gaining its popularity in the world thanks to the numerous oncologic markers and their interpretation art, mastered by the French oncologists. Also, thanks to the innovative treatment techniques that not only kills tumors but also improve the patients’ comfort. It is not an overstatement to say that the French oncologic specialists take measured risks. It was proven yet another time by the neurosurgery Professor Philippe M&eacut..
Aortic valve replacement is a cardiac intervention performed to treat a failing aortic valve. This type of surgery is executed to replace a diseased valve. It can be degenerating because of different diseases, such as stenosis (narrowing) or regurgitation (leakage); it may be congenital (abnormal from birth) or an acquired disease (diseased with age). In either case, a malfunctioning aortic valve prevents blood from running normally in the heart’s chambers and therefore must be treated. WHAT ARE THE SURGICAL OPTIONS? Mechanical valve..
Hip replacement surgery as an alternative to hip resurfacing: rehabilitation, orthopedic surgery in France
Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common orthopedic surgeries. There are various reasons as to why this surgery is so necessary for seniors and people with a sports background. Despite the fact that such intervention is very frequent, it is still risky and should be performed only by highly qualified orthopedic surgeons. Fortunately, thanks to constant technology improvement, hip replacement surgery became much more delicate and efficient. When is hip replacement surgery needed? The main reason why this surgery is needed, especially in the case of elderly peo..
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