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Speaking about the French medical facilities, first of all, it is worth noticing that in the territory of France big private clinics and state hospitals peacefully coexist with small laboratories, rehabilitation and check-up centers. Besides all this, it is possible to see university hospitals. For a lot of people it is quite problematic to understand this variety. So how to choose the best place for treatment or diagnostics?

In Europe, people primarily choose the specialist, and only then – the clinic. In most cases, the known stars of medicine practice in university hospitals. Only this type of can perform serious infrequent surgeries. Transplantation and neurosurgery are among such operations. In certain cases, it is possible to address highly specialized small clinics, such as oncology centers or mental health medical facilities. However, it is almost impossible to find the most suitable option by your own.

Our company is the official representative of the best French medical facilities. At the same time, different categories of clients will be able to find the best option for themselves: from VIP to those who need help of a highly specialized professional. Even residents of the country can't easily get to many clinics which we represent. It’s very important that we represent only accredited clinics where all doctors are in medical association.

Euro Hospit5
Innovative practices of treatment and the most modern equipment are proposed for the hospital patients. In the hospital, there are 680 beds and 1,300 doctors. The surgery block consists of 22 rooms for different operations and 6 endoscopy operating rooms. The hospital has a monitoring room for the patients waking up from an anesthesia. The locating of blocks is well designed – it allows them to ensure maximum safety to the patients after an operation. Not without reason is the hospital considered as the best and most effective medical facility in the South of France, and it is equipped with the equipment of a new generation. Patients have a 24/7 access to X-rays. In addition, resuscitation accepts patients in especially serious condition. People with the rejection of one or several organs or those who underwent a serious operation get care there. The priority of all employees is the high quality of services and management of risks. The European hospital is the place ...
University Hospital Montpelier
University Hospital in Montpellier unites the best medical, scientific and technical personnel. This association coordinates and controls all research work. Researches are the major factor influencing the introduction of innovations in specialists’ practice. Research work allows providing high quality of medical services to benefit patients. For this reason, you shouldn't brush aside this factor as being insignificant. Today, many European clinics rely on the results of scientific work done in Montpellier. Today, the University Hospital is considered as one of the oldest medical facilities in the West. Most similar facilities don't function anymore. They were created to prevent deadly epidemics raging in the Middle Ages. Later these facilities were used for management of large clinics, kindergartens, and education of medical staff. Today, University hospital in Montpellier unites 12 medical centers that allow giving high-quality help in different situations: from neuro...
Berck Fondation hopale1
The clinic is famous for its attitude towards its patients: specialists always listen to the patient who is undergoing treatment. Thanks to such an approach, the efficiency of medical procedures and rehabilitation is increasing. Specialists at the clinic are professionals in the field of orthopedics and neurology, whose knowledge is supported by experience and the latest technologies. The main value for the staff of the clinic is a moral, personal and professional commitment, quality, respect, humanity, and professionalism. For this reason, the quality of services is constantly growing, and providing development and prosperity of the facility. In the clinic, highly skilled doctors work on ultramodern equipment for the benefit of the patients. Clients of the clinic point out the favorable environment, comfort, and safety of the process of treatment. It is quite natural that the medical facility is focused on high quality of services and good technical equipment. However, t...
Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Tours
This university hospital applies to the state facilities. Under one name there are six hospitals located in the privileged area. The hospital accepts local patients, but foreigners can get treatment there too. About 28% of the patients live outside the department. At the same time, the hospital can accept up to 2,100 people – so many beds there are in the departments of this medical facility. The hospital is famous for its advanced technologies that help increase treatment success. It is much higher in comparison with their competitors. Professionals at the hospital guarantee the high quality of work and different ways of treatment of pathologies. For the patient, it isn't obligatory to be hospitalized, as treatment can be performed in outpatient conditions. Only here are difficult operations performed involving cornea transplantation, organ transplantation, marrow transplantation, etc. The patients will be in great hands with reliable specialists and forever forget abou...
chateau de garche1
The known medical facility is located in one of the suburbs of Paris. Picturesque vicinities allow the patients to find harmony and calm. The clinic, founded by Freud's student, gained wide popularity when Doctor Garand led it. Today, it is considered the best psychiatric facility not only in France, but also beyond its borders. Such a target was reached thanks to the created conditions of placement, coordination of actions and the highest quality of the provided services. Forty-four men can simultaneously undergo treatment in the clinic. Such a small number is caused by the fact that each patient has a separate room in which he will definitely have not only a TV, but also a phone and separate bathroom. About 35% of all patients are foreigners. Catering is the question deserving attention. Each patient and the guests of the clinic can visit the restaurant located in the area of the clinic, and if necessary, they are provided translation services. Six leading specialists at...
Infermerie protestante5
The clinic refers to non-commercial medical facilities. This place wonderfully combines traditions of the French hospitality with modern technologies. Such combination allows every day saving of people’s lives, thus returning them to a normal life. Patients of the clinic get access to a full complex of medical services. Here, there are two large, expert centers which are the pride of the facility. The Cardiovascular Center consists of the best specialists offering advice on medical cardiology, pulmonology, angiology and rhythmology. Coronography and angioplasty, heart surgeries of different difficulty levels are carried out here. Tests for cardiologic and pulmonary efforts are carried out in the center. The activity of the clinic isn't limited to the work at the centers. The doctors specializing in anesthesia, laryngologist surgery, odontology, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, orthopedics and other directions also work here. In the center, there is also an intensive care un...
clinic Pôle Santé Sud
The clinic which appeared as a result of a merger of the leading medical centers of Le Mans opened its doors for the first patients relatively recently – in 2008. It belongs to versatile medical facilities in which it is possible to receive complex medical care. Specialists of the clinic fix problems with the mentality, and provide emergency medical services. In the clinic, there is also a maternity hospital, gynecology, and diagnostics department. All departments of the clinic take the leading positions in the ratings of the French medical facilities About 500 people can be treated in the clinic at the same time. In addition, hospitalization can be performed as an outpatient full-time and half-time. The intensive care unit for newborns is equipped with kangaroo-like beds – so as not to separate mother and the child. More details about Pôle Santé Sud   All departments of the clinic are fitted with modern equipment. The surgery block consists of 18 halls: one o...
ST Charles2
The best clinic of France has seen patients for more than 100 years. Today. it is among the top three surgical care clinics in France. Specialists from Lyon see both French, and foreign patients. The main priority of the clinic’s staff is the satisfaction of patients in the received treatment. Although the clinic is private, it has all necessary certificates confirming its compliance with the requirements of the National Health Commission and the Center for orthopedics. Saint Charles has operational hospital care, and high-quality restoration after the performed operation. The achieved results are the outcome of long-term work of the clinic’s specialists, careful selection of innovations and introduction of only the proven ones. This top clinic is certified by the Grace label that confirms the highest quality of its services. Similar certification is successfully undergone only by those facilities which provide high-quality services based on advanced technologies. I...
This center earned a reputation of a reliable and trusted facility. Its main aim is to help the patient, but not to be a drain on his pocket. On the first floor of the center there is the Department of radiation therapy. Patients at the center get treatment via state-of-the-art equipment including the True Beam system, which replaced the outdated MD2. Victor Hugo oncology center was the first in the country to receive the latest development for stereotaxic treatment. The system will suit those patients whose tumor hasn’t reached an appreciable size yet. True Beam will perfectly cope with metastases which have appeared in nearby organs. At the same time, the patient will have no side effects appearing during radiation therapy. Besides the innovative True Beam system there is a dosimetry scanner at the disposal of the center’s staff. It allows them to monitor the dose given during treatment. The innovative equipment allows the center’s staff to give patients high-q...