Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Tours

This university hospital applies to the state facilities. Under one name there are six hospitals located in the privileged area.

The hospital accepts local patients, but foreigners can get treatment there too. About 28% of the patients live outside the department. At the same time, the hospital can accept up to 2,100 people – so many beds there are in the departments of this medical facility.

The hospital is famous for its advanced technologies that help increase treatment success. It is much higher in comparison with its competitors. Professionals at the hospital guarantee the high quality of work and different ways of treatment of pathologies.

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For the patient, it isn’t obligatory to be hospitalized, as treatment can be performed in outpatient conditions. Only here are difficult operations performed involving cornea transplantation, organ transplantation, marrow transplantation, etc. The patients will be in great hands with reliable specialists and forever forget about cancer, autism, tuberculosis and so on.

CHU Tours is very popular among the French. It has 130 departments of different specializations; therefore, the list of services is quite varied.

The latest developments applied in practice are the result of collaborative scientific work of doctors and medical faculties and research organizations. A lot of specialists practicing here are widely known. Extensive experience and high qualification combined with the latest equipment allow effective help to be given to patients, providing them with the best conditions for treatment.

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One of the most important areas of the specialists’ work is the fight against in-hospital infections, which involves many categories of hospital patients from newborns to those who undergo a difficult operation.

Work in preventing infections is supervised by a special structure – Committee of the fight against in-hospital infections. For the safety of patients, there is a constant control of water and air treatment in those places where it is necessary.

Living conditions

The personnel of CHU Tours takes care of the comfort of your stay within the walls of this medical facility. For this reason, for better orientation, there are a lot of signs helping you to adapt quickly to new conditions. At the same time, bed linen and personal hygiene items are received in the hospital, so there is no need to bring them from your house.

A separate aspect of comfortable treatment includes catering services. In CHU Tours, the menu is developed by a versatile group, which considers advice on nutrition from each group of patients. In most cases, the rations are formed according to the prescriptions from the attending physician and nutritionist.

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