Clinique Pôle Santé Sud, Le Mans

The clinic which appeared as a result of a merger of the leading medical centers of Le Mans opened its doors for the first patients relatively recently – in 2008. It belongs to versatile medical facilities in which it is possible to receive complex medical care.

Specialists of the clinic fix problems with the mentality, and provide emergency medical services. In the clinic, there is also a maternity hospital, gynecology, and diagnostics department. All departments of the clinic take the leading positions in the ratings of the French medical facilities

About 500 people can be treated in the clinic at the same time. In addition, hospitalization can be performed as an outpatient full-time and half-time. The intensive care unit for newborns is equipped with kangaroo-like beds – so as not to separate mother and the child.

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More details about Pôle Santé Sud

All departments of the clinic are fitted with modern equipment. The surgery block consists of 18 halls: one of the halls is for the operations with the use of robots, one is for interventional cardiology and there are two outer blocks. The obstetric block consists of 12 halls for a comfortable birth. For difficult cases to save the life of the child, there is an intensive care unit for newborns. For awakening from anesthesia, there are 28 equipped places in the hall of post-operative care.

All departments of the clinic are included in the system of Social insurance, and also in the main organizations of solidary insurance.

The clinic is proud of its approach to the organization of treatment at the head of which there are the principles of integrity, perfection, trust, and respect. Doctors of the clinic are professionals who will always listen to you.

The business strategy of a medical facility is a sustainable development, which is based not only on the introduction of innovations but also on regularly conducted explanatory campaigns. The staff of the clinic are not only for the patients’ benefit but also about the environment. For this reason, all categories of waste are utilized, water use is controlled, and cars are used by employees jointly.

In addition, patients of the clinic warmly speak of the catering in Pôle Santé Sud. Equipment in the clinic’s rooms is beyond any praises: often patients say that they feel at home. The clinic’s hall is a large exhibition gallery in which pictures are often updated.

From all the different pluses, it is worth mentioning another one: only in this clinic, is it possible to get the advice of the leading orthopedist of France who is an inventor of an innovative eternal prosthesis for endoprosthesis – Gérôme Grobost.

Pôle Santé Sud Best European clinics and hospitals pic

The mission of the clinic’s staff

The staff of the clinic is sincerely proud of the place where they work, saying that their mission is to create the most comfortable and safest conditions for the patients. In Pôle Santé Sud classical traditions of French medicine and the most current innovative trends are harmoniously combined that allows giving effective high-quality help to the patients.

The clinic cooperates with the known cultural center Espal. This cooperation developed into the creation of therapeutic workshops, of which the main goal is to help people who have problems with mentality.

Everyone here can make an appointment with the specialist whose services belong to alternative medicine. The appointment is carried out by an osteopath, naturopath or herbal specialist, sofrologist and Shiatsu practitioner. Many guidelines are unknown by the Russian patients, therefore, they avoid such rooms. However, it is proved that the soft therapeutic effect gained from the sessions provided by these specialists helps to considerably improve the quality of life.

The staff of the clinic from the lowest medical personnel to the management daily does everything possible for the satisfaction of the client’s needs, guaranteeing impeccable service.


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