Innovative practices of treatment and the most modern equipment are proposed for the hospital patients. In the hospital, there are 680 beds and 1,300 doctors. The surgery block consists of 22 rooms for different operations and 6 endoscopy operating rooms.

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The hospital has a monitoring room for the patients waking up from anesthesia. The locating of blocks is well designed – it allows them to ensure maximum safety to the patients after an operation. Not without reason is the hospital considered as the best and most effective medical facility in the South of France, and it is equipped with the equipment of a new generation.

Patients have 24/7 access to X-rays. In addition, resuscitation accepts patients in especially serious condition. People with the rejection of one or several organs or those who underwent a serious operation get care there.

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The priority of all employees is the high quality of services and management of risks. The European hospital is the place where the medical personnel has a good base and huge practical experience. The facility is certified and that confirms its compliance with the established standards.

Best European clinics and hospitals.

High-quality treatment in the hospital is the result of its compliance with the basic principles of its work. The high-quality approach is a continuous process, which is constantly improving. For the development and further improvement, professionals at the hospital consider the results of the quality improvement Program. The program is successfully implemented in several areas. It would be impossible to do such work without the support of the state.

Best European clinics and hospitals.

The specialists working in the hospital maintain a high level of treatment safety. For these purposes, the analysis of all risks and preventive actions are carried out. Special attention is paid to the questions of fire safety and the safety not only of people but also the stored medicines.

The committees, which are specially created in the hospital, are constantly working on the improvement of services. The main one of them is the Committee on the Protection of the Rights of the patient.

Best European clinics and hospitals.


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