Medical clinic Du Chateau de Garches, Paris

Psychiatric VIP clinic Du Chateau de Garches in Paris

The known medical facility is located in one of the suburbs of Paris. Picturesque vicinities allow the patients to find harmony and calm. The clinic, founded by Freud’s student, gained wide popularity when Doctor Garand led it. Today, it is considered the best psychiatric facility not only in France but also beyond its borders. Such a target was reached thanks to the created conditions of placement, coordination of actions and the highest quality of the provided services.

Forty-four men can simultaneously undergo treatment in the clinic. Such a small number is caused by the fact that each patient has a separate room in which he will definitely have not only a TV but also a phone and a separate bathroom. About 35% of all patients are foreigners.

Catering is the question of deserving attention. Each patient and the guests of the clinic can visit the restaurant located in the area of the clinic, and if necessary, they are provided translation services.

Six leading specialists at the clinic are doctors of high qualification. They have been educated in the best French educational establishments, and their merits are highly appreciated not only in France but also beyond its borders. It is not impossible to get an appointment with these doctors in another facility as they practice only in Du Chateau de Garches. Middle medical personal help the doctors. Doctor Philip Kleri-Melan, who is the President’s adviser for psychiatry, leads the clinic.

Psychiatric VIP clinic Du Chateau de Garches in Paris

The staff of the clinic work to make researches necessary for improving and developing. There is a special department which is engaged in studying biorhythms of the brain during sleep.

Patients can visit a beauty shop, an adjacent studio of painting and modeling, and a restaurant. All this has a positive impact on the dynamics of treatment.

Different categories of patients go to the clinic: from those suffering from anorexia and bulimia to people with schizophrenia and other pathologies. Specialists of the clinic successfully fight against overwork, alcoholism, and sleep disorders. Particularly, this clinic takes the leading roles in the success of depression and mood swings treatment.

The basic principle of the doctors is transparency and logicality of treatment. The program is aimed at including the patient in the medical process. Its success is proven and has been appreciated for a long time not only by the patients but also by colleagues practicing in other clinics. Besides the momentary elimination of exacerbations, the doctor, together with the patient, develops the long-term strategy allowing them to avoid further disease exacerbations.

The program, which was developed by the leading specialists, is constantly improving.

New practices and accumulated experience are added to it because it helps to quickly and effectively eliminate unpleasant implications of illness.

Doctors aren’t afraid of introducing the innovative technologies allowing them to enlarge the efficiency of treatment. Impulse treatment, stimulation of a vagus nerve, magnetic stimulation of a brain – all these techniques allow making treatment painless, taking 2-3 minutes of time. Modern equipment which ensures the safety of sessions is actively used. The new approach to treatment doesn’t require prolonged anesthesia – only 2-3 minutes of deep sleep is enough, and then the patient wakes up. For 8-12 similar sessions, it is quite possible to cure even the most serious depression.

Less invasive techniques are used in the clinic too. Among them, there is sismoterapiya (electroanaesthesia) and intracranial stimulation.

Psychiatric VIP clinic Du Chateau de Garches in Paris


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