University Hospital in Montpellier unites the best medical, scientific and technical personnel. This association coordinates and controls all research work.Treatment and surgery abroad, University Hospital in Montpellier pic1

Researches are the major factor influencing the introduction of innovations in specialists’ practice. Research work allows providing a high quality of medical services to benefit patients.

For this reason, you shouldn’t brush aside this factor as being insignificant. Today, many European clinics rely on the results of scientific work done in Montpellier.

Today, the University Hospital is considered one of the oldest medical facilities in the West. Most similar facilities don’t function anymore.

They were created to prevent deadly epidemics raging in the Middle Ages. Later these facilities were used for the management of large clinics, kindergartens, and education of medical staff.

Today, University hospital in Montpellier unites 12 medical centers that allow giving high-quality help in different situations: from neurology to psychiatry. In addition, specialists of the center successfully cure metabolic disorders, diseases of joints, heart, and lungs, and eliminate various pathologies.

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier ranks 7th according to the results of scientific work of the French medical facilities. Three directions, which are closely bound in University Hospital, allow not only giving help to patients, but also prepare personnel, to do researches. Besides all these directions, preventive work and social activity are well developed here too.

University Hospital Montpelier

The staff of this medical facility had made great strides towards the questions of diagnosing and treatment of various disturbances in the field of men/women health. The DSD-life program assumes the work of the team of professionals in different areas for the patient’s benefit.

Usually, the team of specialists includes endocrinologists, psychologists, surgeons and other specialists helping the patient to deal with this unpleasant period of life in the least painful way. Annually, the hospital accepts about 100 patients with various difficulties in this area.

A hospital is a place where the most difficult diseases are successfully cured. In 2015, the hybrid multimodal block was installed here. It helps to fight against liver tumors more effectively. In the same year, the facility was recognized as the best, having received an award for quality and innovations. At the same time, the new block of active resuscitation intended for the treatment of the worst cases and burns was opened.

Specialists of the center have opened to the world influence of the environment of a fetus and connection of the environmental pollution with a formation of malformation.

Treatment and surgery abroad University Hospital in Montpellier

Equipment of the hospital allows accepting 2026 people. Annually 229 549 people get treatment here, about 541 008 consultations are held in the hospital. Nearly 4000 children are born every year in the maternity ward.

At the disposal of professionals, there are 5 scanners, 4 MRIs, 2 tomographs, 4 gamma cameras, 9 radiotherapy devices, 1 lithotriptor, Da Vinci Surgical System, Deparray and a microscope for neurosurgery with a vascular florisention. Only in 2015 thirty-three million euros were invested in the development of the hospital.


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