Victor Hugo and Jean Bernard oncology center in Le Mans

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This center earned a reputation of a reliable and trusted facility. Its main aim is to help the patient, but not to be a drain on his pocket. On the first floor of the center, there is the Department of radiation therapy. Patients at the center get treatment via state-of-the-art equipment including the True Beam system, which replaced the outdated MD2.

Victor Hugo oncology center was the first in the country to receive the latest development for stereotaxic treatment. The system will suit those patients whose tumor hasn’t reached an appreciable size yet. True Beam will perfectly cope with metastases which have appeared in nearby organs. At the same time, the patient will have no side effects appearing during radiation therapy.

Victor Hugo oncology center

Besides the innovative True Beam system, there is a dosimetry scanner at the disposal of the center’s staff. It allows them to monitor the dose given during treatment.

The innovative equipment allows the center’s staff to give patients high-quality care, excellently keeping them healthy. Today among patients of the center there is the lowest mortality – only 70 cases a year. At the same time, all cases are a result of a late referral or old age.

Annually the center accepts about 16 000 patients. At the same time, there are different branches in the northwest of the country. Only in this center can you visit the leading oncologist famous around the world – Cédric Lafond.

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On the second floor of the center, there is a unit of nuclear medicine. Patients can undergo scanning, ultrasound of a thyroid gland, necessary tests, FNA, do an electrocardiogram, and get advice from a specialist. On the same floor, there are tomographs.

Successful cancer therapy is the result of the long-term work of researchers, which is impossible without the participation of patients. The center is the place of development of the latest techniques of treatment and drugs. Researches are carried out by specialists of the well-known company Sorecoh. The partners of the clinic are engaged in the clinical trials concerning the treatment of oncology and hematology of heart.

The company has a good reputation by observing the administrative rules established for clinical tests – Good Clinical Practice. The staff of the company consists of a team of professionals who underwent the special training necessary for doing clinical tests. Their aim is to estimate the efficiency of new methods of oncology treatment.

Only providing that the offered technique is well endured by patients,  can it be put into practice. Clinical tests are done for this purpose. They estimate not only the effectiveness of new drugs but also new ways of their use (injection instead of tablet, etc.).

The center cooperates with the company suggesting patients participate in researches in case of need. Participation in researches is voluntary. If desired you obtain all the interesting information: about research purposes, and its development. To join you will need written consent which can be withdrawn at any time.

How treatment works

First of all, each patient visits the dosimetric scanner. It should be done before treatment. To undergo examination, it isn’t necessary to adhere to any additional terms. The examination doesn’t assume injections or ingestion of substances.

The scanner just takes pictures of the problem area, allowing the doctor to orient and prescribe the most effective program of treatment. The scanner isn’t used for diagnostics, and procedures are carried out through different time intervals.

Victor Hugo oncology center

Treatment always includes detailed consultations of specialists about each manipulation which is planned to be done. You will be always told about treatment stages, and have all the steps explained.

We will notice that radiotherapy is the procedure planned in advance. This is because of its unique schedule. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of the forthcoming treatment – it is absolutely painless. If there is any chemotherapy parallel to radiation therapy, the doctor will surely make any necessary corrections of waiting time.

Each patient gets 24/7 care. The center’s staff is friendly, always answers all questions, and consults with patients.

Victor Hugo oncology center


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