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Addiction and mental health treatment.

Услуги “Медифранс Солюсьон” помогут сэкономить время, деньги, а также подарят полную уверенность в предоставленном лечении. Здоровье – это, пожалуй, самое важное в жизни каждого человека именно поэтому мы гарантируем наилучшие результаты Вашего лечения и скорейшее выздоровление. Мы так же понимаем, что любого рода медицинские вмешательства, будь то операция или диагностика, являются важным и порой тяжёлым этапом в жизни человека. Наша команда будет стараться сделать всё, чтобы скрасить этот эпизод в Вашей жизни и поддержать Вас. Главное, мы подарим Вам абсолютное ощущение безопасности и уверенности в том, что Вы в надёжных руках. Французские пейзажи, кухня и язык великолепной красоты станут приятным дополнением для Вашего лечения.

Наши услуги
  • Онлайн консультирование
  • Подбор клиники и специалиста
  • Перевод и изучение истории болезни
  • Помощь в оформлении виз и страховки
  • Сопровождение в течении всего пребывания
  • Организация досуга для вас и ваших сопровождающих
  • Правовая поддержка и защита наших клиентов
  • Профессиональное лечение в медучреждении вашего выбора
  • Дистанционное наблюдение после лечения

Since ancient times, mankind has constantly improved its self-knowing, and mental science has been constantly developing too. The approaches used in the world practice change as time goes by, and the development of psychoanalysis has stepped far forward since introduction of the well-known theory of Dr. Freud. Under the influence of various aspects, such as the cultural characteristics of a society, reaching new heights in the field of pharmacology, the modern legal and methodological bases of treatment were created and perfected.

psych-2-minThe most important goal of French experts is the quality of life and health of the patient, because every person that seeks help in the clinic of the Fifth Republic, receives all necessary assistance. Moreover, this assistance complies with the most highest international standards. For example, in the French health care environment there is a tendency, according to which the length of stay of patients in the hospital is reduced, and there is the decentralization of health services management.

There is a wide range of mental disorders that can be treated in French psychiatric clinics: according to the data provided by official statistics, about 11% of patients suffer from depression, 15% of those who asked for help suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, and less than one percent are schizophrenics.

Speaking about the treatment of psychopathology, we can talk about hospitalization (in rare cases – forced hospitalization). Throughout the country there are clinics equipped with the latest technology that allows physicians to timely detect, diagnose, and, subsequently, to cure patients with various psychiatric symptoms. Owing to our individual approach to each patient, treatment may be polyvalent, intensive and personalized, taking into account certain features of the human psyche.

If you look at the treatment without the need for around the clock surveillance, and, as a result, for hospitalization, two principal areas underly: consultation and treatment and subsequent rehabilitation. It is worth noting that all over the country there are specialized medical facilities – medical and psychological centers – providing assistance to anyone who turns to it. Admission to these hospitals is carried out by nurses, which coordinates the process of treating the patient with a psychiatrist and a psychologist.

psych-3Naturally, in determination of complex psychopathology, a variety of pharmacological agents are used in treatment, however, contrary to the prevailing international practice, French doctors also use the constant therapy. The man that lives in society and interacts with others daily cannot be cured of the disease after taking a couple of specialized products.

It is also worth mentioning that since 2010, every expert in the field of psychiatry is required to have a state diploma, or at least five years of successful practice. Thus, the state indirectly guarantees its patients the quality of medical services.

Medifrance Solution team will be your faithful and delicate assistant in the treatment of psychopathology. Each client is, first of all, our friend, and friends stay with you not only in joy, but also in trouble. Given the nature of your illness, we will select for you the most appropriate treatment. Medifrance Solution is your guide to a healthy future!

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