Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

Medifrance Solution services will help save your time, money, and also, will give you full confidence in treatment provided. Health is probably the most important thing in everyone’s life that is why we guarantee the best results of your treatment and a speedy recovery. We also understand that any kind of medical intervention, whether it pertains to surgery or diagnostics, is an important and sometimes difficult stage in a person’s life. Our team will put all their efforts to brighten up this episode in your life and support you. The main thing you should know is that we’ll give you the absolute sense of security and confidence that you are in safe hands. French landscapes, cuisine, and melodious language will nicely complement your treatment time.

Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in France

Today’s society is demanding for a perfect and never-aging appearance as never before. When dealing with people we increasingly pay attention to the appearance, and for many people, a good appearance even becomes a factor of success. We should understand that congenital or acquired physical defects clearly affect our mentality, which is why more and more people dare to radical methods, such as plastic surgery. In some defects, people have no choice.

Plastic surgery in FranceThe most important factors for a successful surgery are the experience and qualifications of the surgeon. Few people know that not all plastic surgeons can perform appearance restoration surgery. In France, reconstructive plastic surgeons are distinguished from regular plastic surgeons, so that people with acquired defects of appearance may not remain dissatisfied. France has always been famous regarding the popularity of its plastic surgeons and novelties in the field of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery in France is getting a common practice within the men community. The most popular procedures among male individuals are graft hair surgery, abdominal liposuction, and circular lifting. Experience and surgery techniques give a natural and innate result. Also, one specific surgeon will be an undeniable expert regarding a specific area while another will be better with an other type of surgery. Contact us and we will find you a plastic surgeon right for your case!

Regarding plastic surgery, we offer the following services:

  • Face:

Nasal plastic (rhinoplasty), cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty), strengthening of the chin tissue (mentoplasty) implants of the buccal and zygomatic regions, restoration of proportions by introducing own adipose tissue (lipofilling), removal of the buccal fat pad.

  • Anti-aging procedures:

Face-lifting (rhytidectomy), eyelid skin plastic (blepharoplasty), brow lifting with the elimination of forehead wrinkles, including endoscopic lifting.

  • Body:

ВBL, the plastic of anterior abdominal wall (abdominoplasty), removal of excess fatty tissue (liposculpture, liposuction), shoulders plastic (Brachioplasty), removal of the sweat glands.

  • Breast:

Breast augmentation using silicone and saline implants, downsizing (reduction) of the breast, breast lifting (mastopexy), removal of gynecomastia.

  • Surgical treatment of skin problems:

Skin resurfacing, scar correction, chemical peeling, wrinkle removal, including laser and injectable agents such as Botox and Restylane.

  • Reconstructive surgery:

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy, including reconstruction of the areola and nipple. Revision of scars, removal of post-operative, post-traumatic, and post-burn defects and deformities of tissues. Plastic and reconstructive microsurgery in the treatment of bone defects, osteomyelitis, radiation and post-traumatic ulcers, bedsores. Surgeries for damaged peripheral vessels, nerves, and their consequences. Surgeries in paralysis of facial muscles. Surgeries for the consequences of injuries of the brachial plexus. Hand surgery (fingerless hand, tissue defects). Surgeries for the deformations of the facial skeleton and congenital facial deformities.

  • Intimate plastic:

Labiaplasty, hymen restoration.

  • Plastic surgery for men in FranceFor men:

Elimination of gynecomastia, liposuction, circular lifting, blepharoplasty, hair transplantation, removal of the sweat glands.

This list is not exhaustive and is provided for informational purposes.

Check out examples of prices* for the most frequently requested types of plastic surgery in France below.

Rhinoplasty – starting from 4000 euros
Abdominoplasty – starting from 5200 euros
Breast reduction – starting from 4200 euros
Face & neck lift – starting from 6000 euros.

* The final cost may vary depending on the chosen city and clinic.

Please contact us for further information.


Review 350
Thank you Medifrance team, you’ve made my dream come true! I wasn’t happy with my fast aging and I really needed a facelift + blepharo. To me France has always been the capital of the plastic surgery, luckily, they don’t take advantage of it and the prices are very affordable! Medifrance team has found me the best plastic surgeon ever who listened to me and gave realistic expectations. Their team guided me carefully through each step of my stay. I look very naturally now, which is very important to me because I work with people.
Review 349
I recently returned from France where I went on vacation, but later I decided to come back to get blepharoplasty to correct the upper eyelids. my eyelids were never symmetrical and with age they started to “hang” a little bit. MediFrance organized the whole medical trip: from the meeting me at the airport to hotel accommodation, booking consultations with the doctors, clinic and my return. during the consultation with my plastic surgeon, we had a long conversation, the doctor explained how my eyes would look after surgery and I we agreed on the natural result I wanted to achieve. When I came back home everyone that I looked younger. the scars disappeared almost immediately and I was able to go back to work the next week after my arrival.
Review 348
I’ve had rhinoplasty done in France and my only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier. I likesd that my surgeon took all time I needed to explain me the process and he assured me that it wouldn’t hurt but would only be a little bit uncomfortable. My new nose looks very normal as if it was meant to be this way and I am thankful for that. Everything went great, the clinic and the medical staff were nice and friendly.
Review 347
After childbirth, my breast lost former attractiveness. There was only one solution –address surgeons. At first, I went to the Russian specialists, and the result disappointed me, so I found surgeons abroad. I thought that the best option is a trip to France. The approach there cardinally differs. Examination before the operation, consultation of specialists – in my country we can only dream of it.
Review 346
I survived mastectomy 5 years ago. After that, I was really depressed and got divorced because I stopped feeling myself like a woman. The daughter told me that everything can be corrected by returning my breast. Such operations are done in France where she studies now. The first days after the operation I was shocked in spite of the fact that doctors warned me about bruises and edemas. Now I’m very happy with the received result and I want to thank specialists who helped me to overcome fears and doubts.
Review 345
Excess fat and skin inside my hips brought strong discomfort when walking. My friends told that now it is possible to get rid of this problem quickly and without complications. It’s enough to find a good surgeon who will be able to make everything without scars. On the first consultation, the doctor explained to me what is necessary to do to prepared for the operation. Also, I was told about the operation itself and post-operative rehabilitation. Of course, I was a little scared but the confidence of specialists calmed me down and gave me confidence.
Review 451
I chose France only for the prices of plastic surgery. However, now I see that after the facelift I look much better than those who did it in the Uk.
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