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Tummy tuck: Abdominoplasty abroad | France

Do you know what new mothers and girls who have lost their weight recently have in common? They have one common problem, which is a sagging belly. It is so important for women to be in good shape and at one’s best! When a person has extra weight, it is harmful to health in general, and for the heart in particular. How to get rid of excess weight and a sagging belly once and for all while not keeping to a grueling diet? If you are reading this article, this issue worries you. We give the answer to all the questions about tummy tuck & abdominoplasty in France!

Abdominoplasty in France

There is a way out – abdominoplasty in France!

Abdominoplasty is the most efficient time-tested method. This operation is divided into several types: endoscopic, regular (full) abdominoplasty and miniabdominoplasty. What are the advantages of each of them and what does this kind of operation involve?

 – Endoscopic plasty is considered the most sparing as it is performed without muscles cut on all sides, but by introducing different tubes and tools into the body. This type of correction is often chosen simply to keep the abdominal muscles toned, for example, after the labor. Endoscopic plasty is not used exclusively for the purpose of getting rid of extra weight. The operation lasts several hours.

 – Classic abdominoplasty is performed to get rid of a sagging belly, when diet, exercise, and massage cannot help, performing plasty of the abdominal wall. Often, after all the fatty layer is removed, a new navel is formed.

 – When speaking of miniabdominoplasty, it is worth noting that this type includes two operations: classic abdominoplasty and liposuction. This procedure is recommended for those who have a bit of loose skin hanging below the navel. Miniabdominoplasty provides no navel offset. The operation lasts three hours and is more secure for people with poor health.

We unveil myths about abdominoplasty in France!

There is a number of myths related to abdominoplasty! In order to avoid any unreasonable fears, we will unveil them!

– Men do not have a surgery to remove a sagging belly.

It is not true. If wished, a man will have the operation. The important thing is to carry out a complete health diagnostics before the operation.

 – Abdominoplasty prevents ptosis of organs and cures hernia.

Yes, it is true. During the operation, the hernial orifice can be closed on the patient’s request. Suturing of muscles provides support to the internal organs, which in turn reduces the risk of their ptosis. Therefore, this operation does a favor to the body.

 – An integral part of abdominoplasty is liposuction.

 False. Of course, patients often combine these two procedures, but liposuction is not obligatory.

 – Abdominoplasty has many contraindications. It is a very risky procedure.

Does only this operation have contraindications? Any surgical intervention involves danger, but in this case, it depends on the patient’s health. For example, abdominoplasty in no case can be performed for people suffering from diabetes, or for those who have infectious diseases. Also, before you decide to have an operation, you must check your health condition starting from the thyroid gland, high blood pressure, cardiovascular system and ending with blood clotting ability.

 – Women cannot give birth after abdominoplasty.

This is probably the most stupid myth, as after the operation the wall is very elastic and during pregnancy, it is stretched enough. Of course, you should refrain from such operation if you want to conceive a child in the next two or three years, but it is allowed the rest of time.

 – “From now on and for life”

Abdominoplasty in FranceIt is a common opinion that the operation will help to keep a beautiful figure for decades, but, unfortunately, the result will not last long without looking after oneself and taking care of one’s skin. Do not be surprised of or angry at this. Here is an example: you bought an expensive and high-quality car. But no matter how good it might be, it will break down quickly without proper maintenance and care. The same is true for our bodies. If we do not monitor our health condition, disease will be waiting for us very soon.

– There is an opinion that after the plasty you should avoid any kind of exercise and forget about the gym.

Of course, this is not true! On the contrary, after several months of rehabilitation, doctors recommend doing situps every day gradually increasing the load. The only exercise can help you to fix the result for many happy and wonderful years. So, do not be afraid of physical activity and improve your body. It is all about sports.

– You cannot have abdominoplasty after cesarean section.

It is a myth! Of course, this surgery is not contraindicated. It can even become a kind of advantage – namely, it can help to get rid of an ugly scar after cesarean section. There is no reason to worry about health.

Abdominoplasty in France: safety comes first.

Ignorant people believe that any type of procedure is unsafe or think they will have a terrible scar or suppuration after such operation. Of course, this can happen if a surgeon performing the operation is not qualified. The most important thing in these procedures is the presence of resuscitators. If a whole team is present while you are operated, your life is in good hands! Whom to turn to be sure at 100% that you will be operated by a qualified surgeon with all the professional resuscitators team present?

Choose abdominoplasty in France today for a happy tomorrow.

France is a country where all of the above canons have been strictly observed for many years. Plastic surgery in this country is safe and its results are durable because the experience of French surgeons is beyond all praise!

France is rich in scientists who have devoted their lives and time to science, especially to surgery. For example, Paul Tessier. This great man died in 2008, but he saved many lives and made the surprising discoveries. Upon completion of studying at the Medical Faculty, Paul assisted under the guidance of Maurice Virenque. After his teacher died, the young scientist established his own surgery department, where he had worked for almost 40 years of his life! For many years, Paul Tessier examined the skull and had a lot of experience in the treatment of its deformation. It is interesting to note that the scientist, who gave a happy life to so many people, never sought fame and honors. They even forced him to accept an order of the Legion of Honor! What a gentle heart this man had. During his life, Paul did many good things:

– Paul Tessier developed autologous bone grafts, an alternative to silicone. This great surgeon also implemented the techniques of correction of orbital hypertelorism;

– The technique of correction of Tritcher-Collins syndrome was also developed by Paul Tessier;

– Moreover, Paul implemented the technique of correction of oral-orbital fissures!

These and many other important discoveries of mankind in the field of surgery belong to French scientist. Such names as Ambroise Paré, who is considered the father of modern surgery, Dominique Jean Larrey, Alexis Carrel, and others have gone down in history. All the famous French scientists have created the world where we live today and where we can enjoy every day forgetting about our shortcomings and flaws. That is why, when choosing the French surgery you can be sure that your body is in good hands.

Conclusions about abdominoplasty in France.

Millions of people suffer from excess weight, daily facing mockery or simple dissatisfaction with themselves. This oppressive feeling, when due to excess weight or sagging belly a person cannot live the way he or she would like to live, wear what he or she likes and do what is after his or her heart. Have you faced this? It’s time to change your life! Everyone deserves to be happy, be nice for oneself and loved ones. So do you.

How to remove sagging skin of the belly, if no diets or sports can help it? Abdominoplasty is a way out of a difficult situation. This operation is classified into 3 groups: endoscopic, classic abdominoplasty and mini-abdominoplasty. Each type has its advantages. For example, endoscopic surgery is considered the safest and is used for parous women who want to support their muscles. During the full (classic) abdominoplasty a sagging belly is completely eliminated, a new navel is formed, and cosmetic stitches are put. This operation is often combined with liposuction. Killing two birds with one stone. As for mini-abdominoplasty, the situation is less painful here. It provides no navel offset, no horizontal and vertical stitches.

All operations last two-four hours depending on the complexity of the task given to a surgeon.

Many people who want to get rid of excess weight hesitate because of different rumors about the operation. But tell me, what operation is not dangerous? Any surgery is a risk, and it does not matter whether it’s appendix or fat layer to be cut. Of course, this does not mean that abdominoplasty is allowed for everyone. For example, if you have diabetes or problems with the cardiovascular system, this surgery is contraindicated. Abdominoplasty is also contraindicated for people with clotting ability and thyroid gland problems. Rumors about the fact that you cannot give birth or do sports after the surgery are just rumors, because a truly beautiful person is the one that can enjoy life.

Abdominoplasty in FranceIn order not to be afraid of the consequences of the operation, such as suppuration or open stitches, it is necessary to consult specialists. Such professionals can be found in France. Back in the 19th century, France was notable for many geniuses of surgery, both military and cosmetic. For many centuries, French scientists, such as Paul Tessier, Alexis Carrel, have discovered things that changed the lives of many people forever. If you correct your figure in France, you will not only be beautiful but will also believe that your health is safe and is not in danger. For many years, professional French surgeons with resuscitation teams encourage women and men giving them beauty and freshness of their youth.

We hope we have dispelled your doubts about abdominoplasty as it is really the best way to get rid of extra kilos and an annoying sagging belly.

Start from scratch and correct your figure in France. It’s time to stop being afraid and make your life better. Plastic surgery in France is the best and the safest. It has been proven thousands of times by hundreds of surgeons over the years and to the present day.

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