Breast surgery

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Breast surgery

Breast surgery abroad - France

Beautiful breast shape and size always impress both men and women. Every female secretly desires to have a luxurious chest that will Breast surgery abroad attract the attention of people everywhere. This makes her more attractive and confident. If nature has endowed you with a small mammary gland, you should not be upset. At the present stage of development of the plastic surgery, this problem can be easily solved

by turning to professionals of mammoplasty. This surgery will solve the problem of shape and size, the transformation of the individual parts of the breast, and the change of its contours. Most often, such a radical method is used after childbirth, breastfeeding or sudden weight loss, which is accompanied by loss of shape and elasticity. Some individuals tend to perfect forms far before giving birth. Mammoplasty is also indicated for large breasts in order to reduce them. Plastic surgery in France provides all kinds of such operations.

What does mammoplasty provide?

To restore the former elasticity, to correct ptosis and enlarge breasts, the implants put directly into a woman’s body are used. It is not enough to just make up your mind and take a decision to have such an operation. First, you need to choose a clinic with positive feedback and a professional surgeon who has wide experience in breast plastics. Plastic surgery in France is based on such competent and experienced specialists, who, in addition to physical examination and tests, provide the psychological support for each patient. Only after all of the above, the most appropriate surgical option of mammoplasty is determined, which has a number of special complications and the corresponding solutions. All plastic breast surgeries are performed using the method or lipofilling. The first option is quite common and guarantees success for many years. Lipofilling is a more complex procedure, which involves redistribution of the patient’s own fat tissue from any areas of the body to the breast area. With this method, it is possible to increase or reduce the breast.

What kind of implants to choose?

The decisive moment in the success of the plastic surgery is choosing of high-quality implants, the price of which would not necessarily be determinative. High-quality implants are reliable and durable. They do not require their later replacement and subsequent breast Breast surgery france reconstruction. The modern mammoplasty in France uses new implants, which have the form of drops falling on a vertical surface. This unique natural form allows hiding its boundaries, making the breasts aesthetic. The special gel as a filler imitates the natural breast density, making the breasts soft. Recent implant developments eliminate the problem of their through touching. Because of this, each patient of a French clinic gets a natural and naturally soft chest.

Preparation stage and its importance

First of all, the doctor must set the patient for operation, tell her all the nuances, answer all the questions and allay all concerns. After this, plastic surgery in France requires primary screening, which can show hidden disorders that could significantly affect the surgery and rehabilitation. The patient needs to consult an anesthesiologist, who will determine the state of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The doctor will take into account the features of the constitution and the state of health of the patient, which will help to effectively perform general anesthesia without complications. The day before the operation the patient should not eat and drink. The patient is not allowed to take salicylates and hormonal contraceptives a few weeks before the increase or reduction. Alcohol and nicotine are forbidden in order to avoid long-term healing of postoperative stitches.

Stages of mammoplasty

The operation itself is performed within 2-4 hours depending on the type and scope of plastics. The surgical access and the area of skin incision are chosen by the surgeon. Plastic surgery in France has been successfully installing implants with varying degrees of development of glandular breast tissue for many years. There are many ways to locate an implant to create the desired shape and volume of the breast:

– The advantages of axillary location are the absence of actual defects and significant reduction of the risk of development of contractures. Such placement will not complicate mammography. However, the process is quite painful to the patient, provides a long period of healing and significantly increases the duration of the surgical intervention.

– Retroglandular mammoplasty is performed for well-developed glandular tissue and subcutaneous fat that hides the implant edges. With the help of this method, ptosis is greatly corrected. Moving of arms does not change the shape of the breast. Thus, the cut for introducing may be done around the areola, in the crease under the breast, in the armpit or navel area.


Plastic surgery in France warns of contraindications, which should be taken into consideration during the operation. They include:

 – minor age;

 – cancer;

 – infectious diseases;

 – blood coagulation disorders;

 – not completed stage of breastfeeding.

The most common surgical interventions on the chest

The most common type of mammoplasty is increase due to the use of implants or lipofilling method. The less common, but necessary method is reducing the breast, which is important in case of big natural breasts. Correction of ptosis is usually performed together with a reduction after breastfeeding and childbirth. The method is low-trauma and causes minimum complications.

Many patients turn to plastic surgeons to change the contours and give the perfect shape. This can be done by using a variety of implants or by redistribution of skin flaps over the breast surface. This operation allows for breastfeeding. However, correction of nipples and areolas inhibits breastfeeding.

Rehabilitation under the supervision of competent professionals in France

Rehabilitation after high-quality surgery largely determines the outcome and result of mammoplasty. Its duration and intensity depending on the type of surgery. Most often, the patient is completely recovered after a month. French experts insist on leaving the hospital on the day of surgery or on the following day if the intervention did not cause complications and was carried out without any difficulties. The doctor makes individual recommendations and prepares a schedule of visits.

Breast surgery

In the first few days after surgery, the patient may experience some discomfort or pain because of the local edema. Bruises and hematomas may occur where the soft tissue was dissected. By the end of the first week, such manifestations disappear. Displacement of the implant, thrombosis of adjacent veins and arteries, long term healing and infection of joints, complications after general anesthesia may also occur. The final result of mammoplasty can be estimated after 6 months after surgery when all the unpleasant symptoms disappear. If the French doctors follow all the recommendations, the percentage of complications is reduced to zero. It is mandatory that during the first month each patient wears the compression underwear selected only by the surgeon according to the size and shape of the breasts. To eliminate such complications, specialists carry out a series of careful examinations, working gently and carefully with all the tissues with the use of modern equipment and facilities. Plastic surgery in France is famous for its high quality, the efficiency of performance, individual approach, and almost no complications.

Make your dream of the firm and spectacular breasts come true today with French medicine and competent plastic surgeons!

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I live in India, where there are lots of plastic surgeons. However, i decided to do breast lift in France and do not regret it. I do not trust indian doctors when it comes to general anesthesia.
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