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Facial rejuvenation and Facelift

Medifrance Solution services will help save your time, money, and also, will give you full confidence in treatment provided. Health is probably the most important thing in everyone’s life that is why we guarantee the best results of your treatment and a speedy recovery. We also understand that any kind of medical intervention, whether it pertains to surgery or diagnostics, is an important and sometimes difficult stage in a person’s life. Our team will put all their efforts to brighten up this episode in your life and support you. The main thing you should know is that we’ll give you the absolute sense of security and confidence that you are in safe hands. French landscapes, cuisine, and melodious language will nicely complement your treatment time.

Facial rejuvenation and Facelift

Lifting options in France

Age is a strict judge, not inclined to spare neither men nor women. However, modern medicine is able to slow down the flow of time, offering more and more new procedures that can solve the problem of aging of the face and body. Among the capabilities provided by the modern aesthetic medicine, lifting is of increasing demand. The procedures available today can eliminate wrinkles, consequences of moisture loss, migration and degradation of subcutaneous fat, restore the proportions and more. Thus, integrated approaches provide not only rejuvenation and restoration of the natural beauty of the human face, but also more long-term effect even in comparison with the results of surgery.Facial rejuvenation and Facelift

Priceless gift of the French medicine: indications for use of lifting

Innovative technology combined with the latest developments of scientists and high level of professionalism of French cosmetologists allow to achieve excellent and consistent results regarding excess loose skin in the lower part of the face, neck and genial folds (jowls), sagging cheeks and neck, not sharp contour of the face oval. In addition, when deciding to use the services of specialists, the customer receives a number of equally interesting features, including:

– relatively low cost of procedures (compared to surgical facelift);

– minimal trauma;

– minimum of contraindications and side effects;

– ability to choose lifting of the whole face or of the most problematic areas (temporal area, contour, neck and so forth).

It is important to note that the non-surgical correction includes a plurality of directions. If you choose the French for professional services, it means you get maximum results and individual approach to each client’s problem. In particular, today French plastic surgeons offer the following types of lifting:

1. Cervicofacial. It is used for correction of sagging bottom of the face.

2. Blepharoplasty. It is indispensable for correction of ptosis, or, more simply, sagging eyebrows, drooping corners of the eyes, “crow’s feet”, cheek area problems.

3. Front. It is recommended for weakened muscles of the forehead causing wrinkles and lowering of the eyebrows. The procedure is used on doctor’s advice, but today it is often displaced by botox injections.

4. Endoscope contouring. It can be used for correction of the midface. It is a minimum invasive method to reduce scars on the scalp making them completely invisible.

5. Circular face lift in France, or the “new” method. It is carried out by using the method of the closed detachment of the skin flap, and allows for a significant reduction in the recovery time after the procedure to 7 days instead of the usual 30. It is worth noting that often there are no bruises after the procedure.

6. Combined. This option is one of the most popular ones, as it allows to correct the whole face during a single procedure. Unfortunately, unlike other options of lifting, in this case, the effect lasts no longer than 2 years.

Along with the plastic surgery in France, great role in restoring youth of the skin plays an innovative solution that has glorified the aesthetic cosmetology in France, which is softlifting. The technology is unique and allows to correct each facial area in 2-3 sessions. The technique involves introducing of a certain amount of hyaluronic acid under the skin by using different injections, depth and density of fillers.

Benefits of French plastic surgeons services

France has always been a country setting canons of style and beauty, shaping people’s perceptions of beauty century after century. Facial rejuvenation and-FaceliftToday, the advanced technologies successfully used by medical centers, allow us to speak about the country as a “pioneer” setting the tone not only in the world of fashion, but also of beauty. Currently, the opportunities provided by French clinics provide high efficiency not only in the surgical correction of face (for example, removal of Bichat lumps), but also in the use of the following types of lifting:


Lifting of this type is performed using radiofrequency, laser, microcurrent and other types of equipment. Hardware-based lifting is widely available due to the lack of need for anesthesia and prolonged recovery. In addition, the method is popular due to the low price. The only thing that limits the possibilities of use are some contraindications. Thus, the hardware correction is not recommended for people suffering from cancer, epilepsy and during pregnancy.


Being a kind of hardware-based therapy, laser lifting allows a rejuvenation process in a natural way. The procedure is performed by stimulating production of collagen, which allows to improve blood circulation and smooth out wrinkles. Choosing this method allows to recover skin firmness lost over the years, as well as elasticity and youth, regardless of the patient’s age.


Filament lifting, sensational in recent years, is now the most popular among its alternatives. A minimum invasive technique allows to implant the finest threads under the skin creating a kind of “skeleton” of the face oval. The most preferred materials for making such threads are gold, caprolan, polypropylene, polylactic acid, and others. All of them are biologically compatible with human tissues, which eliminates the risk of allergic reactions, rejection, and other unpleasant consequences.


This method allows not only to lift and “freshen up” the skin, but also to get rid of swelling by removing excess fluid from the connective tissue. Typically, the procedure is followed by application of special masks, serums, which in combination with a light vibration provides the maximum result. The course of treatment can take up to 10 sessions (up to 4 weeks). Selecting of this option allows to rejuvenate the skin, get rid of “eye bags”, restore natural color and remove fine wrinkles. The only contraindication is the presence of an electrical stimulator, metal wires, plates and pins in the body of the patient.Facial-rejuvenation and Facelift


This method, better known as the SMAS lifting, allowing to restore youthful skin, at which deep layers of the epidermis are exposed. Using a series of procedures, a person can easily achieve the effect comparable to the surgical lifting. The only flaws of such an option are swelling and redness after each procedure, which can last up to 2-3 hours.


The method involves introducing of platelet-rich plasma under the skin rejuvenating it due to the running regeneration process. The distinguishing feature of this method is the possibility to have a quick result that lasts for a long time. The course consists of daily treatments and lasts up to 8 days. Contraindications are a variety of skin diseases, pregnancy, intake of anticoagulants, tumor, allergic reactions.

Advantages of French medicine

The first clinics of aesthetic cosmetology appeared in France after World War II, however, the direction was granted the status only in 1981. Since the public has recognized the importance of research in this area, it is this country that has become a leader in the number of discoveries and clinical trials conducted. Since the aesthetic cosmetology has been recognized as a distinct science, the industry did not stop developing, and today it is the reason why France has been recognized a center of medical tourism, having a leading position in the ranking of the World Health Organization and being consistently popular in both the beautiful half of humanity, and in the strong men wishing to maintain their health, image, and the natural beauty.

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  1. Judah :

    I looked for the specialist in circular face lifting for a long time. My friend advised the French surgeon. Before the operation, I visited several consultations, made tests. The approach was very serious, not like in my country. We chose a suitable type of anesthesia, the surgeon told about the operation in details. I was warned that it isn’t necessary to be afraid of my appearance after the operation. I was very pleased with the received result and professionalism.

  2. Lindsay :

    If someone decides to go to France for a face lift, I can recommend you doctor Durand. He’s one of the best French plastic surgeons who is appreciated by the celebrities and public figures. Of course, he didn’t tell me who exactly , nut I believe him 😀 Anyway, I was lucky to get a consultation and surgery with him thanks to Medifrance, because it’s kinda difficult to make the reservations when you’re not there nor you speak the language. The result is great, I look younger, my scars are non-existent and my husband loves me more!

  3. Hellen :

    I offered myself some blepharo and some French vacation for my anniversary 🙂 I found the prices to be the most reasonable, especially since the French surgeons are the real stars of the plastic surgery. If you ever consider doing the same, I do recommend that you go to a smaller city, it costs a little bit less, you get pretty much the same price as in Korea or Brazil, but the quality is incomparable! I got my natural yet younger look, my surgeon also recommended that I get lip injections, as with age collaged “fades out” and thin lips can show the age; which I did. Best decision I made in my life, haha.

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