Angioplasty and stenting of coronary arteries

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Angioplasty and stenting of coronary arteries

Angioplasty and stenting of coronary arteries

Cardiac disease is the leading cause of death in most developing countries. Heart diseases actively affect the working-age population, resulting in serious consequences, including disability and early death. Naturally, such a problem cannot be ignored, scientists around the world develop new methods of diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Timely treatment helps to avoid dangerous complications, heart attacks and strokes, to fully restore the function of the heart and blood vessels. Among the most effective methods of combating this disorder is angioplasty. In France it has been successfully performed for decades.

The basic principle of treatment

For the first time coronary angioplasty was used back in the 70’s of last century. France was one of the countries standing at the origins of introduction of minimally invasive methods of surgical intervention aimed to restore arterial lumen of the coronary vessels. Over the years, deposits are formed on the inner walls of coronary vessels in the form of Angioplasty and stenting of coronary arteriesatherosclerotic plaques, leading to a significant narrowing of the lumen and the high pressure on the vessel wall. The advantage of angioplasty is the high efficiency of this method, so that it becomes possible to fully restore the function of coronary vessels. Surgical intervention is performed without incision, only one minor puncture necessary for catheter insertion is enough.

Stenting of coronary arteries in France – indications for use

Angioplasty can be planned and emergency, which is due to the patient’s condition, the degree of vascular lesions, and many other factors that cardiologists should consider in the prescription of such treatment. Angina is not an indication for the use of this method. First, the coronary angiography is carried out, where the feasibility of future stenting is determined. According to current statistics, only for three out of ten patients suffering from angina, this treatment is indicated. In other situations, drugs and coronary artery bypass grafting are prescribed. Indication for emergency bypass surgery is a severe heart attack with signs of preinfarction angina or unstable type angina with a direct threat to the health and life of a person. Another indication for stenting, is failure of a vascular graft inserted at the previous coronary bypass surgery.

Principle of operation

In France angioplasty is performed by introducing a long flexible catheter into the bloodstream, to the place of atherosclerotic deposits. For these purposes groin area is most often used where the femoral artery is most accessible for penetration. It is also permitted to use the artery on the hand, for this purpose a little cut is made in the place of introduction. A trocar (thin tube) is introduced into the vessel, coronary arteryand under the control of modern X-ray equipment it is brought to constriction. After that, the contrast agent is flown through the trocar. Then angiography is carried out making it possible to ascertain the possible places of vasoconstriction. A conductor and balloon catheter are inserted into the artery. After the stent is brought to the affected area of the vessel, the balloon expands it, then the catheter is pulled out from the vessel.

The place of insertion of the catheter is not stitched, but the artery is pressed with weight and pulled with tight pressing bandage. The patient is left in the supine position for a few hours with the expanded leg. Intravenous infusion are contraindicated in this case. The duration of the procedure depends on the degree of damage to the vessel. Stenting is considered an integral component of angioplasty, so these days these two procedures are often combined. Angioplasty is performed only in the case when the vessel lumen is at least two millimeters, or if scar tissue formed in the ramus of the coronary artery allows no stent. A prerequisite of successful surgical intervention is the following use of drugs for blood clotting, so patients must not have any contraindications to their use.

The main advantages of angioplasty in France

If this method of surgery has been successful for a patient suffering from a cardiac disorder, significant results can be achieved soon:

– existing symptoms of coronary heart disease, shortness of breath, chest pain and fatigue are eliminated;

– prevention of the development of the state leading to myocardial infarction;

– patients suffering from angina have a much better prognosis for recovery.

In France, they have been using modern approaches to the treatment of cardiac pathologies for a long time. The use of modern stents with drugs makes it possible to significantly reduce the subsequent risk of coronary artery stenosis condition again, and to avoid the need to perform an emergency bypass surgery. Superiority of the French medicine in this area is undeniable. Owing to the implementation of highly effective methods of treatment, it is possible to significantly reduce the death rate due to cardiovascular disease.

Stages of preparation for implementation of the procedure

Successful stenting of the coronary vessels in France is impossible without careful preparation, which takes into account the important points that define the methods and approaches of performance. Medical history of the patient is determined, the degree and duration of the disease is established, as well as concomitant diseases (allergic reactions, problems with blood clotting, contraindications to the use of anesthetics and contrast components). Before the procedure, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, as well as drugs that prevent blood clotting. The physician must be aware of all existing chronic diseases of the patient and previously used treatments for cardiac disease. The success of further angioplasty in France largely depends on the right preparation. For the doctor it is important to avoid any possible complications, which ensures rapid recovery of body functions after treatment.

X-rays have a devastating effect on the body, but an X-ray when doing angiography is a must. Women with even the slightest chance of being pregnant must be sure to inform their doctor to take measures to protect the fetus and to minimize the harm caused to it. Angioplasty requires abstinence from food and water within eight hours.

Possible complications

Stenting of coronary arteries in France is an effective and streamlined method to minimize the risk of any complications. In some cases, surgery is not possible due to the complexity of the pathology, when passage of a catheter in the vessel is difficult. However, the most difficult and dangerous complication of this surgery may be the closure of the coronary artery at the place of stent placement. This complication occurs in a short time period after the procedure, which requires attention and monitoring of the patient’s condition. According to statistics, this complication occurs in 5% of patients, but in France the figure is much lower due to the thoroughness of preparation and use of modern innovative diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The reasons for the sudden closure of the artery may be as follows:

– gap of the coronary vessel inner wall;

– blood clot at the place of opening of the baloon;

– spasm of the vessel at the place of stent placement.

To avoid such complications the drugs are used that prevent blood clotting and do not let platelets to be fixed on the vessel wall concealing the lumen. The risk of complications is of greater danger for the following categories of patients: females, patients after myocardial infarction, patients with unstable angina. Today in France, they often use coronary stents with drugs helping to prevent vasospasm, which has reduced the number of complications to almost zero. To prevent the formation of blood clots in the vessels, they use intravenous drugs that prevent clotting.

Postoperative recovery and rehabilitation

Stenting of coronary arteries in France is considered to be a simple operation, however, it requires clear actions, coherent implementation, thorough preparation and compliance to certain rules. Removing of a catheter is carried out in 4-12 hours after the procedure, this parameter is determined by the blood clotting test results. Weight is placed on the place of introduction of the for 20 minutes. During the first day the patient is under the care, the work of the organs and systems is checked, especially of the coronary vessels. The patient is discharged one day after the surgery, within the first two weeks lifting of weights must be limited. To prevent the formation of blood clots, the patient must take aspirin along with other cardiovascular medication within 1-3 months after the surgery. The loads should be increased gradually returning to normal life.

Superiority of French medicine – new treatments

The above type of surgery is simple and efficient. It allows to avoid dangerous diseases of the cardiovascular system, and most stentingimportantly, to significantly extend the life of the patient. French medicine has been successfully using this method of treatment, which has a positive effect on the health of the citizens. They also develop such a direction as medical tourism, because the cost of treatment here is much lower than in the United States and Germany, with the impeccable level of medical service. It is not difficult to get to France for treatment. You can prepare all necessary documents in your own country. The result will exceed all expectations and help you to feel healthy.

Angioplasty in France is performed by highly qualified medical personnel equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment. The country is one of the leaders in tourist traffic, but few know that a certain part of them are people going to the country to get a professional medical care. Here they treat patients of all ages, prepare to operations properly, provide recommendations for further rehabilitation. If your doctor has recommended you the coronary artery stenting, it is best to carry out this treatment is in France. A screening program, treatment will be prepared, the necessary documentation for the trip to France will be gathered, and the approximate cost of such treatment will be specified for you. Remember, human life and health are priceless, and the primacy of the French medicine will provide you with a guaranteed positive outcome of the treatment, restore your health and prolong longevity. Take care of your health, because your life is beautiful and rich. Give yourself a chance to live longer.

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