Heart valve replacement

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Heart valve replacement

Heart Valve Replacement

Today, the process of heart valve replacement is given special preference by many people, who are faced with this rather unpleasant problem. It is known that process of valve prosthesis of the most important organ in human body, the heart, is considered to be a serious surgical intervention, it is performed for effective and high quality replacement one or, if necessary, two prosthetic heart valves. It is necessary to entrust it to only professional doctors, who have vast experience in this field and special skills to guarantee high-quality results.

The Indispensable Role of Heart Valve Replacement

The main indication for these surgical operations is irreversible heart valve dysfunctions. Therefore, it is Heart valve-replacementperformed by professional cardiologists using special techniques and advanced equipment. Such process is also carried out in case of impossibility of performing their plastic correction. This pathology can be acquired in the course of life, or can be congenital. Mitral and aortic heart valves are commonly at first place of prosthetic replacement. Today, in connection with a wide range of new technologies and availability of special high-tech equipment, the process is available for any specialized center.

It is important to note that the majority of doctors in France are trying to “patch” heart valve in order to avoid its replacement. Thus, the surgeon’s dexterity is an integral part of a successful heart valve plasty. The efficiency of this operation depends on professionalism of doctors and through control, which is made in order to achieve high-quality results. In some situations, specialists spend enough time-consuming process of treatment – valve-saving operation. Various types of prostheses are used in the course of surgical intervention, namely biological and artificial. It is known that valves relating to mechanical or, in other words, artificial ones have obturator elements, types of which can vary from tilting disc and bileaflet valves.

Ball-valve prostheses have gained immense popularity because they have a long-term reliability. Yet, in some situations, their use is not advisable because their frame is of sufficiently impressive size. In such situations, special interest is preferred to give to smaller and lighter prostheseses, namely to disk or leaflet ones. If we consider the drawbacks of artificial valves in detail, it can be concluded that they have certain properties and the patient, to whom they are set, is required to take special drugs – anti-coagulants for life. However, experts point out those artificial valves better withstand the time that is more durable.

In addition to the compulsory taking of drugs, the patient should consult specialists every month for control of his state of health, and other. Therefore, in order to avoid frequent visits to physicians and compulsory taking of drugs, experts recommend giving preference to biological valves. They have a wide range of advantages, namely light weight and, of course, size. It is no less important in this situation to single out hemodynamic properties that allow to take its process closer to natural.

Professional Heart Valve Replacement in France

Today, we can note an increased interest in the professional heart valve replacement in France. Since this rather laborious process should be entrusted only to professionals who have vast experience in this field. Many people are concerned about not only the Heart-valve replacementquality prostheses, but also a professional approach to the process, which provides high-quality results. Surgical intervention is carried out purely by special technology; the latest equipment is used during this process, thus excellent in quality. Moreover, patients, applied to the French cardiac surgery centers, have made certain of its high quality, efficiency and, most importantly, safety.

Coming for treatment in France, you will be able to globally improve your health and get rid of annoying sick state. The professionalism of clinic will help to achieve high-quality results in the shortest possible time. After that, you no longer have to run round clinics, go through exhausting treatment procedures and spend a lot of time and money on searching and transportation. Here you can get a comprehensive professional treatment, and not overpaying at the same time.

Professional leading French doctors perform all the necessary for you and will return your body to a healthy lifestyle, and give you a chance to look at life from the other side. A professional clinic in France can help you to become a healthy and happy person: efficiently, effectively, and above all – safe.

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Review 383
Gilbert Sheinbaum
2015 My husband Gilbert Sheinbaum was in urgent need of an Aortic heart valve replacement. The American system did not want to perform a TAVI but told us, that only if we would pay $300,000 out of pocket could and would they perform this Procedure. We were welcome to sign up for open heart surgery and the insurance would pay. My husband being 85 and otherwise in excellent health and I chose to look else where. We chose Lyon France where we knew that excellent doctors at Clinique De Tonkin had been doing this TAVI with sensational results. Dr Vincent Doisy was my Husband’s doctor and together with his team they performed a TAVI and we were able to fly back home to Washington DC 3 days later. We had excellent service, great hospital stay, and my husband has continued in excellent health, thanks to the French experts and absolutely no down time my husband was back to work in the State Dept that very same week. Thank you France Thank you Dr Doisy. Kindly Inger Sheinbaum
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