Ischemic heart disease treatment in France

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Ischemic heart disease

Ischemic heart disease treatment in France

Any heart troubles are a huge danger to an organism after all the cardiac muscle is “motor” which is responsible for human life. So, it is necessary to listen to any alarming calls from this organ and to pass inspection at the cardiologist in time to warn a disease, or to overtake it at an initial stage and successfully to get rid of it. Those who already suffer any cardiac illnesses should pay special attention to the quality of the treatment and not let matters drift. So for example, treatment of ischemic disease in France is capable to give chance even to those who have been considered to be condemned by the Russian doctors.

ischemic heart disease treatment abroad What is ischemic heart disease?

In such a way the doctors call the myocardium lesion which appears at a failure of blood flow in a coronary artery. From that physicians often use also the concept of “coronary disease”.

As a rule, if the patient has ischemia, its symptoms are capable to appear after the semicentenary and only during physical exercises or impacts.

As a rule, the implications of illness are as follows:

– stenocardia or cardiac angina(painful feelings in the middle of a breast);

– air deficient, problems with a deep breath;

– the blood circulation stops, the cause of it is frequent muscle contraction(from three hundred times in min.). Quite often is the first and last implication of an illness.

Sometimes people with this diagnosis do not feel pain and other symptoms, even if the heart attack happened to them.

Why there is this disease?ischemic heart-disease treatment france

Its development depends on a large number of risk factors. The former refers to the group of removable, second ones – fatal. We’ll start with them. It is impossible to change or eliminate the number of years, race, sex, and genetic predisposition. More likely the ischemic heart disease will progress in men, than in women, and this trend is observed until about 50-55 years (the time of menopause, after which women no longer produce estrogen). After the given boundary the chance of development of ischemic heart disease in both sex is identical. It is necessary to tell also that more often Europeans, than representatives of negroid race suffer from ischemic heart disease. Poor heredity plays the role too. Therefore those whose ancestors transferred a myocardial infarction, or died suddenly of a cardiac illness till 55 years, are in the risk group. And to exert an impact on the condition over the long term and to reduce the chance of emergence of the eliminated factors is quite possible. Some factors are bound among themselves and, excepting one, it is possible to achieve a similar result on an occasion of another. For example, if you reduce the content of fats in food, cholesterol level will decrease, the weight, and also arterial pressure will go down. And everything together will lower the possibility of the emergence of ischemic heart disease. So, not to face this illness, it is required to exclude the risk of obesity, by means of introduction to the life of physical activity and control of the consumed nutrition and its quantity. Smoking enlarges chances to get acquainted with ischemic heart disease, so and it is also required to refuse it. The diabetes mellitus belongs to risk factors too and often diabetics die of myocardial infarction. It is necessary to know, that stress is capable to lead to this disease, and therefore it is necessary to fight against it. Also among the eliminated factors: arterial hypertension, blood coagulability is more than norm, a metabolic syndrome, and stresses. Thus, knowing that it is capable to affect an organism, it is possible to take the appropriate measures, thereby reducing the chance of acquaintance to such illness as ischemic heart disease.

How to get rid of ischemic heart disease?

First of all, revision of way of life in the wealthier party, but also, the transition to a healthy delivery is the cornerstone of any way of treatment of ischemic heart disease. Often it helps not only to carry out preventive measures of a disease but also to considerably reduce negative implications of an illness and to facilitate a condition of the patient. Nevertheless, it isn’t enough. Now two ways of treatment of ischemia are distinguished.

Medicinal method

Medicines help to reach a larger effect in the fight against ischemic heart disease as they have to support an optimum level of pressure, the content of cholesterol and degree of viscosity of blood. Drug intake is conducted on a constant basis — during all life. It is required for success in the fight against the disease.

If the patient’s condition sharply becomes worse (decompensation), hospital leaving and additional medicines in some cases is required. More often it belongs to the neglected cases and to those who have heart failure. Competently chosen treatment is capable to minimize similar cases. The less often the patient addresses to doctors, the higher is the level of control over the disease.

Operational method

The surgical way can be applied if the expressed atherosclerosis of coronary arteries is observed. There is no any medicine that has the power to reduce a cholesterol plaque or to make wider an arterial lumen. And here surgical intervention is capable to salvage the person in this case. In a serious case, for example, if the congestive heart failure is observed, the only effective remedy which can be used is heart transplantation.

Why should the treatment option in France be taken into account?

ischemic-heart disease surgery abroad To someone, it would be possible, a little unusual to regard France as the country to which it is necessary to go for treatment of ischemic heart disease. As a rule, the majority goes there with absolutely other purposes and thinks of illnesses during the travel least of all. Nevertheless, it is necessary to notice that the French clinics are recognized as one of the best in the fight against coronary heart disease. At the adequate cost of services, physicians of the country can offer the patients the program of treatment possessing a set of advantages preliminary to a similar program in our country:

– European quality of services. Highly qualified medical staff knows exactly what and why they do so, there is no doubt in the quality of their services. Every physicians effort will be directed on speedy successful results.

– The latest technologies, equipment, medicines. Here you shouldn’t be treated in the old manner. On a fight with an illness, all most effective modern achievements in the field of science and medicine are given up.

– An individual approach to each patient. The success can be guaranteed only in one case: if treatment was selected taking into account all specific features of the patient. And local doctors understand it.

Well and, certainly, the situation will fruitfully influence convalescence of the patient. Here you won’t meet the ragged hospital walls, patients oppressing from the first sight. And the atmosphere reins another. Being in the French clinic, it is possible to feel so as if you spend time on a good health resort. Certainly, it influences the result of staying and treatment in France too.

And, of course, the most important is the result and consequences. The French physicians practically don’t know failures in case of the fight against the ischemic heart disease. Thanks to the magnificent education, high qualification, and excellent working conditions, they are capable to provide a favorable outcome even in, apparently, absolutely losing situations. 

And consequences will only please you. If you observe references of the doctor with all severity and care, follow his appointments and continue to take care of yourself even after treatment — it will be possible to forget about ischemic heart disease. And getting rid of this diagnosis is quite worth to get engaged in your health, to monitor the condition of an organism and to take the appropriate measures in time.

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