Varicose veins

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Varicose veins

Phlebectomy in France will return the joy of movement

Varicose veins are a common problem known since ancient times. It is diagnosed every fourth inhabitant of the Earth.

People suffering from varicose veins have impaired the functioning of valves that causes slow blood flow and blood stagnation. This situation leads to increased intravenous pressure and blood push into thin superficial blood vessels, where the walls begin to stretch. As a result, the small veins become thicker and change color to blue, becoming clearly visible and forming a vascular mesh,  because of which the legs become repulsive in appearance.

But in addition to the aesthetic problems and pain, varicose veins cause significant harm to human health. Due to stagnation of blood with edema, the tissues do not get enough nutrients and oxygen, which leads to the development of various complications.

Varicose veins surgery abroad Traditional medicine offers many treatments for varicose veins. However, they are unable to eliminate the pathological changes in the vessels. Therefore, at the first sign of illness, it is better to turn to a qualified specialist.

There are many treatments for varicose veins, but the most effective is phlebectomy, an operation which removes the damaged veins.

How is surgery performed?

Before phlebectomy the patient is assigned to the following diagnosis:

 – Ultrasound duplex scanning, during which  the varicose areas are marked out;

 – phlebography – examination of veins using contrast material;

 – Biochemical analysis of blood and urine.

 Then, on the basis of the results, a specialist chooses the best method of treatment.

Surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. First, the surgeon separates the deep veins and subcutaneous veins. After, using special tools he removes the affected blood vessels. The operation lasts 2-3 hours.

When choosing an access area for the location of the damaged vessels. If it’s necessary to remove the small saphenous vein, access to it is obtained through the popliteal fossa. Removal of the great saphenous vein takes place through the groin.

Methods of phlebectomy

Phlebectomy in France can be done in several ways. The most common are:

 – Crossectomy – diseased vein ligated and stopped at the area where it connects with the deep vein and then removed through the incision;

 – Safenektomiya (used to remove a large venous trunk with much-neglected diseases) – identified a number of ducts and tied up the main trunk, then the affected vein is removed using a metal probe;

 – Stripping – cut only the affected veins site using a thin probe.

In most cases, several methods are combined during the operation.

Recently miniphlebectomy became available in French hospitals. This method changes from the conventional phlebectomy that does not require skin incisions: All manipulations are performed through small punctures of the skin with the help of special hooks. In this case, there is no need for suturing and the rehabilitation period is significantly reduced.

The progressive method of therapy in France is laser phlebectomy. Under the influence of the laser beam a vein is  “sealed” and Phlebectomy abroad france displayed out of blood. Laser phlebectomy takes less than an hour. This operation is minimally invasive, it does not injure the surrounding tissue, and it does not require the implementation of cuts. All procedures are performed on a laser device of the last generation. The computer monitor can calculate the impact of a millimeter accuracy.

Another less invasive method is radiofrequency ablation. In this case, the damaged vein is affected by ultrasound exposure.   As a result, the vessel is heated and dissolves.

Rehabilitation period

Immediately after the surgery, it is recommended to do a  kicking motions to activate the blood stream. Walking is permitted only on the next day. Massage and exercise can help to accelerate the recovery of the body and to prevent possible complications. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe medicines.

The patient stays at the hospital up to two days, and then he can go home. The rehabilitation period takes – from 7 to 14 days. But it is necessary to wear special compression tights for a month.

Surgery results

Operating on varicose veins does not affect blood flow and does not affect the state of the body only 10% of the blood passes through subcutaneous vessels which are removed during surgery. After removal of the veins blood redirects to healthy blood vessels restores its normal flow and the supply of vital substances to all organs normalizes.

Indications and contraindications

Phlebectomy is recommended on the following conditions:

 – Abnormal enlargement of subcutaneous vessels;

 – The formation of subcutaneous mesh;

 – Acute thrombophlebitis;

 – Extensive varicose veins;

 – Trophic ulcers;

 – Constant pain in legs.

 Varicose-veins france Although surgery is characterized by high productivity, in some cases, it is contraindicated:

 – Varicose lesions deep vein;

 – Severe hypertension;

 – Coronary heart disease;

 – Inflammatory diseases of the feet;

 – Infectious diseases;

 – Old age;

 – The second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Advantages of the treatment in France

France Medicine has a high level of quality and technical equipment. According to monitoring results, it occupies a leading position among 190 countries. This is possible thanks to the fact that the Government attaches great importance to public health and health care funding.

Qualitative treatment of varicose veins in the clinics of France provided a variety of factors:

 – Highly qualified doctors work in the hospitals of the country who have a wealth of experience that will not only restore the health of the feet but also attach importance to their aesthetic kind;

 – The surgical intervention uses innovative techniques and modern equipment, which guarantees high effectiveness of treatment and prevents postoperative complications;

 – All treatments are carried out in accordance with international standards;

 – The price of the treatment is significantly lower compared to other European countries.

 If you wish to be treated in France, but worried that it may be difficult in a foreign land, telephone the operators at  Medifrans Solution.

We will do our best to make your stay in the country as comfortable as possible:

 – Prepare all the necessary documents for traveling on treatment;

 – Help to get a visa;

 – Organize the trip;

 – Book the hotel;

 – Meet at the airport;

 – Translate all the necessary documents;

 – Provide support for the duration of your stay in the country;

 – Organize leisure (optional).

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