Childbirth and Gynecology

Medifrance Solution services will help save your time, money, and also, will give you full confidence in treatment provided. Health is probably the most important thing in everyone’s life that is why we guarantee the best results of your treatment and a speedy recovery. We also understand that any kind of medical intervention, whether it pertains to surgery or diagnostics, is an important and sometimes difficult stage in a person’s life. Our team will put all their efforts to brighten up this episode in your life and support you. The main thing you should know is that we’ll give you the absolute sense of security and confidence that you are in safe hands. French landscapes, cuisine, and melodious language will nicely complement your treatment time.

Childbirth and Gynecology

Having a baby in France with Medifrance Solution is easy!

Having a baby in France

One morning, a long-awaited event will happen in your family that turns the habitual way of life on its head: you are expecting! It seems only yesterday you had a certain schedule, you did your routine work and could not even think what kind of responsibility was placed on you from the moment you learned about the long-awaited event. Preparing of a children’s room, shopping for clothes, strollers, and other things related to motherhood become a kind of ritual, which consumes you leaving the everyday, routine problems behind.

The birth of a child is one of the most significant events in every person’s life. Future parents want to give their children all their best starting from day one. Giving birth abroad has become increasingly popular for various reasons. Some people tend to do to ensure they receive excellent medical care while others choose a beautiful place to make this moment even more special. The advantage of having a baby in France is high-quality medical service and pleasant surroundings, be it the castles of the Loire or the French Riviera. Interestingly, it was the French surgeon Francois Mauriceau who first established obstetrics as a science that resulted in the creation of numerous mother-baby centers in France and around the world.

We understand that behind every healthy child there is a healthy mother and a successful delivery. That is why we offer you having a baby in France in a city and in a clinic of your choice.

Labour induction is not scary!

What is the procedure performed for?

Unfortunately, not always everything goes according to a smooth-running scheme, and sometimes labor must be induced. Labour induction is performed for medical reasons, or at the request of the parents of the future baby. It is possible when labor was to start long ago, but it does not. There’s also a situation when doctors clearly understand that for medical reasons the baby should already be born so that he could receive qualified medical assistance. And if the term according to which doctors prescribe to induce labor exceeds the mark of forty weeks, there will be no objection to induction. It is worth noting that this procedure should be performed only under the supervision of specialists. That is why it is performed only in hospitals, under the relentless supervision of specialists.

Let us return to the question of medical indications. It often happens that placenta that connects mother and child wears and is no longer able to perform its function of feeding a child. Frankly speaking, the baby is no longer growing and receiving the necessary amount of oxygen. This is why doctors perform the above procedure.

How does the labor proceed?

Formulations and techniques used for induction.

French doctors are professionals with years of experience, that is why the techniques they use when inducing labor can be called an advanced solution on the entire European market of medical services. Owing to the advances in medical science, oxytocin has become widespread. It is a special hormone that allows to “run” the labor prematurely, due to the increased contractile activity of the mother’s uterus.

Let’s model a situation, which describes the best way and in which cases doctors use this hormone. Imagine: the birth process is already running, however, due to certain circumstances, the contractions have suddenly stopped. Through injections of oxytocin the contractions will be restored, however, they will be more painful – to minimize this negative effect, painkillers are administered.

It also happens that a woman has an increased sensitivity to the above hormone, or placenta previa occurs – a pathology that involves locating the placenta in the lower uterine departments of any of its wall. Accordingly, in the event of such abnormality, the placenta covers the internal os. The causes of this are a topic for another article, but, to understand all the seriousness of this disease, we will note that the most common root cause lies in endometrectomy or various diseases of internal organs. Naturally, patients with genital tract infection or cancer have an increased risk of this abnormality.

If you have any of these uncommon situations, French medical practitioners can administer prostaglandins – hormone analogs that allow the cervix to come to its “natural” state, when it becomes soft, supple, allowing to release the child without any obstacles and injuries. There are two methods of administration of the drug: by injection or in the form of a specialized gel that is inserted deep into the vagina and further in the cervical canal. Because of its effectiveness, French doctors use this particular method, often combining it with a special tool – Ballonnet – which we will discuss in detail in the next part of this article.

Ballonnet thermocoagulation  – a technology of the future!

We reveal what is behind such a long name.

Labour is an extremely difficult process, that’s why it is not possible to predict all the consequences and complications. However, you can effectively deal with them, using the latest medical advances, one of which is the aforementioned Ballonnet.

During the first day after birth, a mother can have bleeding. Although such cases are very rare and account for only six percent, however, it is necessary to tell about them too – a good doctor is different from an ignoramus in that he informs the patient of all the risks associated with a particular procedure. Returning to the subject, let us note that bleeding can occur in any pregnant woman, and it is quite normal: after the surgery, to measure the amount of blood loss, doctors enclose a specialized maternity pillow under the bottom. This measure is preventive, and that is why any woman giving birth in France undergoes this procedure without fail.

If fears are confirmed, a Ballonnet is introduced into the woman’s uterus using a catheter. It is a deflated balloon that is filled with a special liquid with a temperature of eighty degrees. After just eight minutes the ball is removed – this time enough to “solder” all the bleeding vessels and stop the bleeding.

Amniotomy in childbirth.

What is it, and why you should not be afraid of it?

The third technology of labor induction is called “amniotomy” – a process in which a puncture of the fetal bladder is made. It is used only if the fetus is overcarried when there is a particularly high risk of hypoxia in the child. If there is preeclampsia – a complication of late pregnancy related to deterioration of the internal organs of the mother – amniotomy speeds up the process of childbirth minimizing the risk of obstetric complications.

As well as other operations that we talked about in this article, amniotomy should be performed by experienced professionals under the constant supervision of medical staff. A specialized tool that looks like a hook is inserted into the vagina capturing the fetal bladder. Its puncture causes rupture of membranes facilitating the patient’s condition and minimizing the risk of abnormalities in the child.

Taking into account the individual characteristics, this procedure can be combined with the introduction of oxytocin. This complex allows to speed up contractions. It is worth noting that the procedure is not performed without special indications in this respect – the water that envelops the child’s head in the fetal bladder is a kind of a “wedge” that promotes disclosure of the cervix, exerting pressure on it from the inside. That is why this procedure if performed thoughtlessly, can slow down coming-into-being.

Medifrance Solution is your companion for having a child in France safely!

Your labor is our job.

Having a baby in France

Medifrance Solution team cares about each of our clients. For us, your health is not an empty phrase, not a litmus test we hide behind in hopes to earn more money. On the contrary, turning to us, you can be sure that we want to become your good friend that will not leave you in a difficult moment. That is why we love our work because the best reward is a satisfied customer!

Turning to our team, you choose not only high-quality medicine but also a nice treatment. Your health is our laborious daily work.


Healthy mothers – healthy children!

Gynecology is a medical and/or surgical care focused on women’s reproductive health, ranging from a preventive check-up to infections, STDs, and cancer treatment. France is one of the world leaders in this field, particularly with regard to cervical cancer screening. We offer both medical and surgical treatment of all the female reproductive system diseases.

Check out examples of prices* for the most frequently requested types of delivery for having a baby in France below.

Childbirth in a standard suite – starting from 8000 euros

Childbirth in a luxurious suite – starting from 27 000 euros.

* The final cost may vary depending on the chosen city and clinic.


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I gave birth to my babygirl in Paris 2 months ago. My impressions: it was a great clinic located in a beautiful building right next to a park. All the medical staff and of course the doctors were real professionals, and my interpreter was a kind and helpful person. I want to thank her, she helped me a lot. And all it cost about 7000 Euros. As the nurses told me, with each year the number of women from different countries who come to France to give birth grows rapidly. And now I know why! Thanks to everyone! If I decide to have another child, I will surely come back!
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