Gastroenterology & obesity treatment in France

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Gastroenterology & obesity treatment

How to lose weight? This question bothers both those who first thought about getting rid of excess weight, and those who did not try to lose extra kilos. What are the ways of effective weight loss without causing damage to health? What can the medical experts offer? What is the most effective way and where to go? What are the options of obesity treatment in France? First things first.

Problems of excess weight

If you think that being overweight is to be curvy, you are wrong. Obesity involves numerous health problems, it is a consequence of serious diseases and can cause early death. This is due to the occurrence of complications in all internal organs, as well as disruption of the human body as a whole.obesity treatment in France

Insulin resistance syndrome becomes more and more common nowadays and leads to failures of the exchange system, hormonal and other negative manifestations, including an increase in the volume of fat. Along with this, people with obesity are in the risk group of strokes and heart attacks, coronary disease. Fatty tissue can accumulate due to type 2 diabetes, this state leads to an alarming prospect of venous stasis leading to pulmonary embolism. Besides:

1. An overweight person suffers from shortness of breath due to the limited supply of oxygen in the waking state and choking during sleep.

2. There is a growing pressure on leg joints, spine, heart and blood vessels, which leads to deformation entailing other problems.

3. There is the risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease because of fat pressing on the abdominal cavity. Overweight people also suffer from diseases of the genitourinary system, pancreatitis, hemorrhoids, hernia, cholecystitis, steatosis, and many others.

4. Increases the chance to have the cancer of uterus/prostate, mammary glands, gallbladder, pancreas, esophagus, kidneys.

5. Excess weight affects libido in women, causes impotence in men, leads to infertility.

However, the mind suffers too. Therefore, the main question is not “should I lose weight”, but “how to do it safely and quickly”?

What do you need to lose weight?

The first step is to take an unwavering decision to change your life, the second is to carefully and thoughtfully choose a weight loss method. You must be confident in the safety and outcome of the chosen method. Let’s see consider this issue more closely. Here are the tips to achieve a positive result:

1. Your health, beauty and the prospect of a long and happy life depends on your actions. Get together for a difficult work to identify the causes of excess fat and lose it. Take a stand, the situation will not resolve itself. Get ready to fight and fight.

2. The next stage is a full examination by doctors who will establish a diagnosis, determine in which direction to go and identify contraindications.

The first doctor to visit is endocrinologist. It is he who determines why a person is overweight: due to hormones, malnutrition or metabolic disorders in the body. He/she also assesses the damage caused to the health by excess weight.

Methods of obesity treatment in France

There are three groups of methods of obesity treatment in France: drug-free, drug and surgical. Let us consider each of them.

Drug-free method.

In this case, a diet therapy is prescribed, a program for physical training is developed. This technique is used in the treatment of almost all patients, in some cases, healthy lifestyle is prescribed. Drug-free treatment has shown moderate reducing of weight, everything happens in stages: at the 1st stage, which lasts six months, you must get rid of 10% of excess fat. At the 2nd stage during the next six months, you lose 10% more weight. The gradual therapy is associated with the fact that the new metabolism is restored after a year since the start of the procedure. At the end of the year the 3rd stage comes, which means more intensive work on losing the remaining excess weight.

Drug-free method involves work on the patient’s motivation, its behavioral model. It requires psychologists and nutritionists to help maintain a healthy lifestyle by setting up and motivating.

Drug method.

This approach involves the use of drugs that reduce appetite and weight and normalize the endocrine profile.

Important! Today, there are three are safe and effective drugs officially recommended as the state standards: sibutramine, orlistat and phentermine.obesity treatment in France

The first two reduce weight and struggle with some symptoms of obesity without causing adverse side effects. Almost all the other drugs of this type have a huge list of severe side effects, such as heart disease or pulmonary hypertension.

Surgical method.

This segment includes a variety of surgical procedures to restore the health and beauty of the body. This is the most effective and risky approach! Trust only the professionals who have a wide experience of medical practice.

These are the operations for overweight people:

1. Liposuction – suction of excess fat from under the skin. The shape is corrected in the area of abdomen, buttocks, thighs and chin. There are ways that involve:

• skin incisions (vacuum liposuction);

• destruction of fat cells with a special solution, ultrasound or laser and its suction (tumescent, ultrasound and laser respectively);

• suction of fat with a syringe with a thin needle from areas with small excesses (chin, eyelids).

A professional knows that removal of excess fat in one session is not safe for the patient. Moreover, there are a lot of nuances. For the obesity treatment in France, only truly qualified surgeons perform the procedure with the preliminary examination and diagnostics on the highest level.

2. Abdominoplasty – removal of excess skin left over from the big belly. The surgery is performed after liposuction, rapid weight loss or childbirth when “extra” skin is left. The surgical procedure involves removal of skin and lifting of the abdominal muscles under general anesthesia. The patient must not smoke 2 weeks before and 2 after the operations, as the healing process slows down. Despite the prevalence of the procedure, it is contraindicated for women planning to have children, and is also quite dangerous if you put yourself into the hands of an incompetent specialist.

3. Gastric ring (bandage) – placing of a ring just below the connection of the esophagus and stomach to limit the volume of food eaten. Narrowing with bandage involves pressure of food on the upper part of the stomach, so that the receptors could send signals to the brain about being full – the desire to eat vanishes after taking some food.

There are several types of surgical procedures that are losing or have lost their relevance in various unsatisfying criteria. Some new approaches have been developed that include advanced discoveries in the field of bariatric surgery.

What is bariatric surgery?

It is an operative intervention that, for example, reduces the volume of the stomach or a part of the small intestine for further reduction in food consumption. Owing to this operation, there is improvement in the level of life of the patient: normalization of blood lipids, slowing down of atherosclerosis development.

One of the best ways of obesity treatment in France is a new type of operation of the bariatric surgery, which will be available in 2018. obesity treatment in FranceDeveloped by the French scientist Jean-Michel Verdier, this way to deal with excess weight was a revolution in bariatric surgery. How it is done: a special silicone tube is introduced by means of a probe into the stomach under local anesthesia (!). The tube can be pulled out at any time without surgery, and the problems of general anesthesia are no longer in the way of the treatment of obesity.

Note: This operation requires a highly qualified doctor as the advanced technology is only being introduced in the general medical practice. The very few professionals are really competent in providing this service. In this situation, the risks increase significantly. To avoid possible adverse effects, please, turn directly to the French doctors, as the innovation in the fight against excess weight was developed here, in France.

If you want to safely and quickly get rid of excess weight, you should contact Medifrance Solution, which employs highly trained doctors with tens of years of experience, the confirmed skills, and fresh knowledge. You may decide to use the traditional methods of surgery, such as liposuction and abdominoplasty, or maybe you want to try a unique method of bariatric surgery? Whatever you choose, the perfect option is to turn to chose obesity treatment in France performed by the leading surgeons in this field.

Please contact us for further information.


Review 359
When I was first told that I should absolutely go to France for my bariatric surgery, I didn’t take it seriously. This is not a country where people suffer from excessive weight. Turns out I was wrong, the bariatric surgeons in France are one of the best in the world. I’ve contacted Medifrance just to find out what my options were and was amazed with the variety of choices they offered me, as well as with the prices that are still less expensive than in the US even when you add the travelling cost. At the pre-consultation with my future bariatric surgeon, it was decided that the best option for me would be a mini gastric bypass, something I haven’t heard of in the USA at the time. I went for it and couldn’t be more happy with the results! I only wish I would eat more of the delicious French food
Review 358
I would like to give advice to all those struggling with the excess weight, just know that you can do it and it will be okay! don’t hesitate to seek help, just look at how affordable the surgery is in France, and the bariatric surgeons are great there. Don’t think that in France everyone is tiny and fashionable and they don’t need any bariatric surgeons. Their doctors are highly qualified. I speak from my experience because it happened to my grandmother. It was not only her who suffered from the disease but the whole family because she was ashamed of not being able to overcome it and closed herself from her family. But all together we found a perfect solution for her and now she’s feeling so much better!
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