Hair transplantation

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Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation abroad

Hair transplantation in France is a highly requested medical procedure, as there are many clinics and institutions that have developed and practice unique, effective methods of recovery and implantation of the scalp, eyebrows, and face. Every day, hundreds of patients from around the world are getting expert help from the acknowledged masters of their craft. Many men and women who are deprived by nature or bad luck made it impossible to live freely and easily, gain the opportunity to think again about some of the flaws of his appearance.

Deciding on a hair transplant clinics in France, patients with the first steps can count on friendly and professional service. Doctors and nurses appreciate its reputation and will never enter the patient misleading miraculous methods and immediate effect. But do everything to ensure that the patient has received the best possible results.

The first patient is undergoing tests and a personal interview with the doctor. During the conversation, the doctor discusses with the patient in detail the boundaries and shape of the hair implantation zone, made a joint selection of the optimal for this case implantation method. Appointed for the operation and deal with other procedural issues. Photo done prior to compare the results before and after the procedure. Hair implantation can be performed on an outpatient basis, or permanently, depending on the situation, taking into account the patient’s wishes and possibilities. Hair transplantation in France is a choice giving hope to get rid of baldness problems.

The causes of hair loss.

vip hair implants france

During the preliminary examination and the interview clinic, specialists determine the true causes of hair loss and baldness in the patient. And if the identification of the causes confirms the inevitability of baldness are assigned activities associated with hair transplantation.

In addition to the natural hair loss associated with the constant updating of a human hair, identified four main factors affecting the temporal, or the inevitable hair loss, followed by alopecia of the head sections.

 – The main reason for the inevitable loss of hair, resulting in hair loss in men and thinning hair in women, is a genetic predisposition. It is hereditary traits derived from their ancestors through the parents, are the main factor determining the thickness, color, hair resistance and susceptibility to loss and baldness, certainly coming to the earlier or later in life. Modern science has not yet found a way to influence the genetic mechanisms that influence the growth and predisposition to hair loss. Fighting hair loss in case of detection of genetic predisposition is possible only by the hair implantation.

– For permanent hair loss often result in external influences on the human body. Exposure to radiation, chemical, and thermal burns, trauma, causing scars and scars, do not give hope for the restoration of hair growth in the affected areas. For hair loss often results in the reception of potent drugs, chemotherapy prescribed for cancer treatment and other dangerous diseases.

– Human hair, although not very complicated structure, it is very sensitive to any psycho-physiological changes of the body and even emotional state. Long-term stress, excessive psychological stress can slow hair growth and even cause them heavy loss. A strong loss often results in poor diet and long-term diet. Wrong way of life, the abuse of alcohol, smoking, drug use, all contribute to severe hair loss. The increased loss can be caused by a side effect of some internal diseases. Scientists have not yet found the mechanism of the effect of the psycho-physiological state of a person in the quality of hair.

 Most often, after bringing the body back to normal, cure disease and the transition to a healthy lifestyle, intense hair loss stops. But there are also cases of irreversibility of the process. It has long been observed: a healthy body is not only a healthy mind, and decorated with beautiful healthy hair.

– Skin diseases lead to the disruption of the environment in which emerging and developing hair, which leads to the cessation of growth and dying off. Violation of hormonal balance caused by pregnancy, puberty, diseases associated with the thyroid gland, also contributes to hair loss. Skin diseases and hormonal disorders easily diagnosed. Successful treatment and reduction of hormonal balance back to normal in most cases normal hair growth normalizes.

Regardless of the reasons why there are hair loss and thinning hair, this causes a problem for men and women suffering a negative impact on the vitality. Many people consider the irreversible loss of hair as a personal tragedy. Perhaps psychologists can assist with some of the sufferings from baldness its methods. But these methods do not eliminate the problem itself. Psychology can help a person not to see this as a flaw of appearance, take baldness as a reality and not focus on its attention. To many, it manages, and the presence of baldness does not affect their lives. But what about those who do not succeed? Those for whom appearance is a decisive factor in his personality, career and personal life? Human Psychology is vulnerable. Even the most resistant can be such a situation when the careless and tactless remark about appearance can lead to failure and prolonged depression. The best clinics of France aesthetic medicine and experienced doctors offer their solution: a fundamental problem by removing the hair transplant.

Hair transplantation in France

Modern methods hair transplantation in France.

Restoring hair on the bald areas in modern clinics of France produced by implantation of donor's hair in balding areas. At the same time, the donor material is taken from the back of the patient. This provides a good survival of donor material and eliminates the problem of rejection by the body.

Modern transplantation technology uses two main methods:

 – Follicular Implantation patchwork method (FUT)

 – Seamless follicular implantation method point (FUE)

FUT hair transplantation – a method in which the donor material is taken flap width of 1 cm and a length of 18 cm was cut from the back of the head under local anesthesia… Then the flap under the microscope is divided into small pieces of skin from the hair root bulbs 1-5 (columns). Using a special tool, the skin in the area of baldness reveal holes where alternately implanted harvested graphs. During one session implanted from 300 to 1000 graphs. This allows for one process to cover most of the area of bald patches. Operation hair implantation is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis and lasts from three to five hours.

Counts 1-2 hair is used to form the front line and give a very natural look. Graphs with 3-4 hairs implanted in the middle of the area to give the volume and density.

This method is most often used to restore a large area of bald patches and gives good results. Implantation healing occurs within three days, while swelling may be small in the forehead for 1-2 days. On the fourth day, you can wash your head. Small sores appear on the third day after the hair transplant. They gradually disappear before the end of the week. This phenomenon is perfectly normal and should not disturb the patient. New hair will grow gradually in the coming months. Place selection of the flap is pulled together and stitched. After healing, the skin remains thin barely visible scar, which becomes quite noticeable when the length of the hair at the back of 1-2 cm.

Theoretically, the day after the hair implant session, you can return to work. Although in practice it is advisable to provide for several days of rest. Hair begins active growth of the fourth month, and the result is already visible from the sixth month. The final result is shown after a year. If one session to completely cover the balding area is not enough, additional sessions are held.

Follicular point method of implantation (FUE) is preferred for patients who have a small area of baldness. Hair transplantation is done selecting a point of the skin to the hair follicle root 1-2. This method leaves no scars. transplant operation is performed under local anesthesia and lasts from 6 to 8 hours. As a rule, before the operation, the patient is completely shaved donor area. Women selection possible without shaving, in which case the sampling is performed on small areas of hair border. The selection is made by a point to shock, a very thin instrument. After the selection of a small hole remains less than one millimeter in diameter, which heals quickly, leaving almost invisible small white dots. Manual removal preserves stem cells located in the hair follicle, the donor area is regenerated quickly and can be used for subsequent sessions. Manual point selection procedure requires much more time than in the selection of the band, and the amount of hair selected for one session below. Implantation is carried out using a needle which punctures the skin with micro-holes in the simultaneous introduction of the donor transplant. The chances of implantation of the hair root with this method are very high.

After the operation in the field of hair transplantation is many scars in the form of small dots. These lesions heal completely within two days. The next day, the patient can be washed with shampoo. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis and does not provide for termination of professional activity and sports. Hair begins to rise from the fourth month and the sixth month of the transplant is already visible results. The method leaves no scars on his head and the patient may have very short hairstyles. With current technology and the experience of French physicians clinics, with the FUE method of hair transplantation, implantation is made up to 3000 grafts, divided into two sessions.

Both methods involve hair transplant surgery, therefore, requires proper consultation with the surgeon, he can explain the procedure, its advantages, and disadvantages.

In addition to these two main methods of hair transplantation in the head, in French clinics developed and practiced special techniques for hair transplant eyebrows and beards. Successfully developing a robotic method of hair transplantation.

vip hair implants france

Conclusions and recommendations for hair transplantation in France.

Hair transplantation is a real interference with the human body, which requires those who practice, strict observance of ethics and competence. It is important to understand that all hair restoration procedures, the ability of the surgeon is just as important as the chosen surgical technique. An experienced and qualified surgeon can provide all cosmetic and psychological problems that may arise and will take interim measures to avoid them. Hair transplantation is still the same art form as a science, and the result of the transplant depends on the experience and personal qualities of the performer. Whoever forgets this fact, relying on technology and a large number of proposals may be disappointed.

It is important that the surgeon, who is entrusted to hair transplant surgery, is able to adapt to the individual characteristics, sensitivity, and requirements of each patient, and did not consider it as a regular “client” of the flow of many others.

Answers to frequently asked questions about hair transplanttion in France.

Is hair transplant surgery is really painless?

– Hair transplantation in France is done under local anesthesia. The only cause discomfort painkillers. The recently anesthetic gel used in France, which eliminates this problem.

 Is the transplanted hair always taken from the body?

– Sometimes there are such problems, mainly related to the circulatory system of the scalp, which is an individual variation. Nevertheless, progress in the knowledge of this negative factor and the materials used make this technique totally reliable.

 Thus, there is no rejection of the hair transplant?

– In direct contrast to most produced by modern medicine in the human body, hair transplantation by using the patient’s own hair. So never rejections of fragments included in the skin. In exceptional cases, this may be due to the poor quality of transplants.

Is hair transplantation in France possible from another person?

– Theoretically, it is possible, but in fact, the study of histocompatibility immune system is so complicated and expensive that at present it is not practiced.

 What care is required after the hair implant?vip hair implants france

– No special care is needed. On the third day of hair care is no different from the usual routine care.

What can be said about the various robotized methods of hair transplantation in France?

– Various automatic devices (Fire Carousel, Calvitron) are tested in French hospitals. The introduction of new systems is currently still being studied.

 Is it true that you can on the day after the hair implant can fly an airplane?

– After the hair implantation can fly with caution and covering his head a soft hat.


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