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Cancer treatment in France

Shocked by your diagnosis? Cancer! French medicine has made a huge leap forward in the treatment of cancer. We will help you to choose the clinic, find qualified professionals and solve all organizational issues for successful cancer treatment in France.

Why France?

oncology treatment abroad Cancer treatment in France and Europe has become quite popular. Until recently, most people have ignored France preferring German and Israeli hospitals. Meanwhile, France is included in the list of the most developed countries in terms of medicine level. According to WHO, France is ranked first in the world in the field of cancer studies. In France, billions of euros are invested annually into fighting against cancer, which is more than in any other country in the world. More than 90% of all chemotherapy drugs are produced in France.

There are other facts that speak in favor of France for treating cancer:

– more affordable prices than in the clinics of Germany and Israel;

– no queues, treatment begins in a few days from the date of filing of an application;

– the impressive range of technologies allows achieving maximum results in each case.

oncology treatment france paris
French medicine treats both benign and malignant tumors characterized by aggressive growth and metastasis. A timely diagnosis of the disease guarantees 100% recovery.

The technologies used: endoscopy, CyberKnife, Robot Da Vinci, chemotherapy with the latest drugs, radiotherapy, etc.

We will take care of all organizational processes: we will help in registration of visa, pick up the clinic and a professional ready to treat you, provide an interpreter, etc. Just fill in the form, and we will help to make cancer treatment in France the most productive and comfortable.

The types of cancer that are successfully treated in France:

  1. Carcinoma. It grows from epithelial cells. It occurs in 85% of cases among malignant cancer. Carcinoma (or actual cancer) of the prostate, esophageal carcinoma, breast carcinoma, colon or rectum carcinoma are common.
  2. Melanoma. One of the most common and aggressive malignant tumors that grow from melanocytes. Skin cancer usually affects the limbs, neck.
  3.  Sarcoma. A dangerous malignant tumor that grows from connective, muscle or bone tissue. It occurs in 1% of cases among all cancer diseases. It is difficult to treat.
  4.  Leukemia. The disease is also known as leucosis. It affects the bone marrow inhibiting the hematopoiesis.
  5. Lymphoma. It affects lymphocytes and spreads rapidly affecting various organs through the lymphatic system. The first symptoms are swollen lymph nodes. The affected cells gradually tear away and are transferred to other organs. Tumors can grow in the liver, brain, etc.
  6. Myeloma. Cancer of plasma cells, malignant disease. Cells affect the bone marrow and bone tissue.
  7. Teratoma. It grows from embryonic cells. It usually grows in the ovaries in women and testes in men, in the brain and sacrococcygeal area of newborns.
  8. Glioma. This is the most common primary brain tumor. It grows from glial cells.
  9. Choriocarcinoma. It is a rare disease diagnosed only in women. It grows from the tissues of the placenta and affects the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc.
  10. Malignant tumors in children. Pediatric oncology is a separate line. Most types of cancer affecting children do not occur in adults. Most often, children (under five years) have leukemia, Ewing’s sarcoma, nephroblastoma, lymphoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, osteosarcoma, etc.

cancer surgery abroad What not to do?

Remember! Modern medicine is ever-evolving. What was a death sentence five years ago is successfully treated in France. Do not panic and do not sink into depression when hearing the terrible diagnosis.

First of all, it is important to find a good specialist. Improper treatment not only brings no good results but also steals valuable time. Call us or fill in the feedback form. We will select a specialist that can cure your ailment.

Opt for cancer treatment in France for the guaranteed result and minimized chances of the cancer recurrence.

Please contact us for further information


Review 368
I want to share my story and to thank Medifrance for their help for our family. When my brother was diagnosed with cancer, but we didn’t even worry too much because we knew that the medicine has progressed a lot and that he will be okay. And he actually was, until the chemotherapy stopped being effective. We were told that there is a new, better drug, but guess what, it wasn’t covered by our insurance. I’m still so disappointed by our medical system! It’s like they don’t care about you at all. So it became clear that we had to prospect other options, which is when we found out the oncology treatment in France is very progressive and affordable. We were lucky enough to find Medifrance who were very kind to offer us a free consultation when we were still at home and explained us everything about treatment in France. Long story short, my brother is healthy now thanks to the French specialists, he didn’t even lose any hair. Thank you French medicine is all I can say!
Review 367
I have been working with MediFrance for quite some time now. The first time when I came to France I had a gynecological surgery, and now I am undergoing chemotherapy. At every stage of my treatment of MediFrance team have proven to be highly qualified specialists, who were ready to help at any time. The medical staff answered quickly and friendly to all of my numerous questions and requests (you understand what condition I was in !!!), which cannot be underestimated. I am even a little bit scared to imagine what would happen had I not decided to get treated in France. Of course, there are certain disadvantages – airports, airplanes, etc., but all these mundane inconveniences are compensated by successful treatment and my knowing that I am treated by the best medical specialists in the world.
Review 366
I got to France when the British oncologists wrote me off. In France I almost immediacy knew about different methods of treatment which aren’t widespread yet but show good results. I risked and went for a consultation. I would have been buried at home but the French doctors made impossible. The immunotherapy, use of different vaccines work wonders – I had a chance to live!
Review 365
Chemotherapy for me was always associated with loss of hair. So, I was really surprised when my French doctor told me that many negative consequences from the procedure are a thing of the past. To avoid them the latest drugs which don’t cause frightening side effects are prescribed. Drugs of the old form aren’t used in France. In parallel procedures which help to keep hair are carried out. I am happy that I could keep my hair healthy.
Review 363
I was lucky because my ophthalmologist could diagnose cancer at an early stage. The doctor told me that it is better to undergo treatment abroad as in our clinics there aren’t the latest techniques and technologies and the equipment is not great at all. In France, all necessary examinations were immediately made and doctors started treatment very quickly. Special thanks to Medifrance experts who could organize all quickly.
Review 364
I’ll need to complete a radiotherapy course. From our doctors it is impossible to get a normal consultation, they will never warn even about side effects. I want to look for a clinic abroad where the approach is more human. Thank you for the information on your website. Thanks to you I can morally prepare. I want to do radiotherapy in France and hope that everything will be okay.
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