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Stomach cancer

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Stomach cancer

Until quite recently, about twenty years ago, the diagnosis “cancer” was thought of by patients as a death sentence. Indeed, methods of treating cancer, and in particular, methods of treating stomach cancer at that time were ineffective and meant primarily surgery, which in the case of metastases did not solve the problem, but only slightly prolonged the life of a patient. What is more, such condition could be hardly called life. Intolerable pain accompanying cancer was partially eliminated using strong painkillers, as for the rest, the condition of patients was just awful.

Nowadays, owing to the efforts of scientists and health practitioners, better methods of treatment of this terrible disease were developed. One of the newest methods of treating a tumor is cryosurgery. That is, freezing of cancer cells during surgery. This procedure is successfully used by oncologists in the treatment of gastric cancer in France. It is believed that the Israeli and German doctors are leaders in the fight against cancer, but it is not quite true. At the moment, their French colleagues are leaders as they use this method. Especially because the treatment cost is much lower in France and the results are as effective as the treatment in Israel or Germany.


What is stomach cancer?

This pathology is quite common, and out of all malignant tumor diseases, it accounts for almost ten percent of the cases.

Cancer, as it is commonly called, is a pathological process in the body, which affects a certain organ or group of organs. This process is the uncontrolled division of the body’s own cells. These cells are called malignant. As a result of this disease, the affected organ is greatly increased in size and, therefore, loses its ability to perform its functions. What is stomach cancer? It is uncontrolled division of cells in different parts of the organ. The growth of abnormal tissue is gradual, but it does not stop, and in a certain stage, cancer cells migrate to neighboring organs, i.e. the tumor metastasizes. The disease symptoms differ depending on the part of stomach where the tumor is growing, but basically they are as follows:

– Feeling of fullness after meals in the early stages. As a result of progressing of cancer, the patient begins to feel not only fullness, but also heaviness in the stomach accompanied by severe pain;

– It is difficult to swallow food. This phenomenon is called dysphagia;

– Most patients have heartburn, vomit, they lose their appetite, thus lose weight fast;

– General weakness and depression are also symptoms of stomach cancer.

Esophageal cancer is much rarer than a stomach tumor. It accounts for no more than three per cent of the total number of cancer tumors. The symptoms of stomach cancer are similar to the symptoms of this disease, with the exception of the feeling of fullness. However, they also depend on the tumor location. It can be in the upper, middle or bottom part of the chest. However, dysphagia is more pronounced and, depending on the neglect of this disease, it manifests itself by difficult swallowing of solid food at first, then the patient has difficulty in swallowing mushy food, then it is difficult to swallow liquids, and in the final stage there is a complete obstruction. It should be noted that any oncological patients experience pain, and the more neglected the case is, the stronger it becomes.

The causes of stomach and esophageal cancer

The main cause of all types of cancer is the deteriorating environmental situation. Contaminated atmosphere, use of products that do not meet environmental standards – all this leads to accumulation of carcinogenic substances in the human body, which weaken it and make it more susceptible to various diseases, in particular, cancer.

Cancer_stomach2In the organ which is subject to various external loads, a tumor begins to grow. In this case, when it comes to cancer of the esophagus and stomach, such external negative factors are:

– Abuse of alcohol and smoking;

– Disorderly food intake, especially if its temperature is too high or too low;

– Both the first and second factors result in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly in gastritis, esophagitis, peptic ulcer, which in turn, if not treated, also cause tumors in the esophagus and stomach;

– The causes of the disease may be trauma resulting from strong physical impact;

– Also, in this case the hereditary factor is of great importance.

It should be noted that due to the first three factors, these diseases are more common in men than in women.

Methods of treatment of stomach cancer and esophageal cancer

To effectively cure almost any disease, it is important to find it as early as possible. With regard to tumors, early diagnostics is very important. The sooner the disease is detected, the easier it will be to cure it, and the less negative consequences for the whole human body will be. The fact is that cancer cells divide and tumors grow and begin to migrate to neighboring organs. This pathological process must be stopped as soon as possible.

The methods of diagnostics of these two types of cancer are generally identical. They primarily include:

 – In order to identify what kind of a tumor it is and what is its size, as well as to take a piece of abnormal tissue for tests, in modern medicine they use such method of diagnostics as esophagogastroduodenoscopy;

 – X-ray examination of these organs is also used;

 – Ultrasonography;

 – Examination of these organs with the help of a computer tomograph.

The methods of treating cancer of the stomach and esophagus used in the modern medicine may be different. In each case, the oncologist must develop an individual treatment plan, depending on the condition of the patient, stage of the disease, involvement of other tissues and organs in the pathological process, other diseases of the patient. If we are talking about the early stages, the chemotherapy and radiation therapy are effective. If the case is neglected, surgery is required.

Among the innovative techniques, besides cryosurgery, immunotherapy can be distinguished. If a tumor appeared, this indicates that the patient’s immune system cannot cope with foreign agents. Immunotherapy is aimed to stimulate the immune system to fight cancer cells on its own. In this case, cells are taken from the diseased organ, and after being treated in the laboratory and after ceasing of their dividing, they are introduced into the patient’s body again. Immunity responses as if was a foreign tissue and begins to fight against them, fighting against tumor, which was earlier taken as “friendly”.

However, cryosurgery used for cancer treatment in France is even more effective. This innovative method of treatment involves destruction of malignant cells with very low temperatures. With the help of very fine needles, liquid gas is introduced into the tumor. It may be helium or liquid argon. However, the most convenient in this case is liquid nitrogen.

rak_zheludka_evropa_lechenie-minThe main advantage of cryosurgery in treating cancer is ablastics. That is, prevention of spread of malignant cells in other organs and tissues. The fact is that when using traditional scalpel, cancer cells can break away and spread via blood throughout the patient’s body. Settling in other tissues of the body, they can give rise to metastases. That is why, after the classic surgery, patients need to undergo radiation therapy or receive special medications (chemotherapy), in order to completely destroy the survived cancer cells. When using cryosurgery there is no bleeding, as the cold affects the blood. Also, the tumor is not cut during surgery, but destroyed from the inside, so cancer cells do not tear away, and accordingly do not spread to other organs and tissues. That is, this method is less invasive and is organ-saving. It does not require an extended recovery period. The patient undergoes surgery in the morning and in the evening he/she can already go home! Moreover, such surgical intervention causes little pain. Although at this time, the agents used for anesthesia are very effective, yet for people who are afraid of pain, this feature of cryosurgery is a huge advantage on the psychological level.

Thus, the cancer-treating cryosurgery used in France is one of the best methods of treating this terrible and insidious disease. If you want to feel healthy again and not to worry about possible complications after treating cancer, turn to the French experts. This is the best solution to the problem, both in terms of assurance that your health will be fine, and in terms of financing!

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