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Ophthalmology. Treatment and surgery abroad. 

Eyes are considered to be one of the most important organs of the human body. There’s no point to challenge this fact, as once you close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine that the darkness that enveloped you will be there forever, it becomes truly scary. To prevent such a scenario, you must take care of your eyes, as well as of other bodies.

At the first signs of illness or discomfort, leading ophthalmologists around the world recommend to immediately go to the hospital. Today there are many effective ways to prevent and treat various diseases associated with vision.

Medical – provides for administration of drugs that normalize pressure inside the eye and its vessels. The form of the drug depends on the type and severity of the disease.

The surgical method is used in situations when drugs exposure have not produced the desired results. Owing to this method, the operation on transplantation of the cornea and lens implantation has been carried out for many years in France. It is also used in a number of diagnosed diseases, such as glaucoma or cataracts, retinal detachment, strabismus, sclerectomy and other vision pathologies.

ophthalmological therapy abroad

Modern methods of treatment

The advanced technologies of foreign clinics help restore sight to people who have lost hope for recovery and return to normal life long ago. Foreign medicine has always had a high level of professionalism of doctors and their attitude towards patients and, of course, a positive treatment outcome.

What innovative technological solutions can be applied to the patient:

– laser keratomileusis;

– antineovascular procedures for retinal disease. It is performed only once and does not require additional treatment, as well as permanent intraocular injections;

– Photorefractive keratectomy is used for the treatment of cataracts. The method involves the use of an excimer laser beam.

French doctors have extensive practical experience and in-depth knowledge of vision treatment. Which is very important! After all, only an experienced specialist is able to perform a really professional surgery without negative consequences for your health. The responsibility for what is happening to you before and after surgery rests entirely on the medical clinic staff that cares about its reputation and values the health of its patients. So you can safely deliver yourself up to professional doctors and not worry about the result, because it is guaranteed to be positive.

French clinics are fully equipped with all the advanced technologies. All operating theatres are equipped with the latest technologies. Wards are decorated in a classic style. It has been done specifically so that people could feel like home. The friendly staff anxiously monitors the patients’ condition. If necessary, the patient and his/her family can turn to the psychologist of the medical establishment to solve all the psychological problems associated with the forthcoming operation and its consequences.

The most common problems patients turn with

Most often people seek professional medical help in case of and in order to detect cataracts. It is the most common disease of the optical system among the world’s population. It is accompanied by clouding of the lens.

The disease has three types:

– traumatic;

– radiation;

– complicated.

The most frequent in patients is the senile cataract. It is this type that is the most common. Such a disease can develop in people suffering from diabetes.

When turning to ophthalmologists with the problem of complete opacification of the lens and pathology of the capsule, the patient often expects surgery. It so happens that this is the only correct way to achieve positive dynamics. Many leading ophthalmologists-practitioners agree with this. No medical treatment can be compared with surgery. After all, drugs are used more often in the early stages of the disease.

Before the procedure, a person undergoes a complete diagnostics. Such diagnostics includes a standard set of tests and can allow determining the individual method of treatment.

Do not be afraid of surgical procedures and get worked up. Modern innovative technologies allow doctors to perform operations using ultrasonic phacoemulsification. With the help of the device, they crush a clouded lens and then remove its particles. A substitute is placed into the cavity of the eye instead of the removed lens. An important aspect of the method is that the procedure does not require stitching, because of the microscopic incision skins over itself.

The patient can notice the improvement immediately after surgery. The installed lens does not require replacement and is set for life. To consolidate the results and avoid complications, the patient undergoes a special rehabilitation program.

In some cases, cryoextraction is more appropriate. Through a small incision of the eyeball, the damaged lens and surrounding masses are removed with a metal tool treated with cold. Then a microswitch is put on the incision.

Ignoring symptoms and refusal of treatment can lead to negative consequences such as glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a disease caused by damage to the optic nerve, which can lead to complete blindness. The disease is very serious, so the choice of clinics and medical specialists should be very careful.

There are many causes of glaucoma and the result is the same – a complete loss of vision. So do not fight with the symptoms of the disease and determine its cause yourself. Experienced certified doctors who not only accurately diagnose, but also prescribe a correct treatment, will do it for you.

Methods of treatment of the disease:

– medical;

– laser and conventional surgery;

– a combination of these methods is often used.

Strabismus – a lot of people have suffered not only physiologically but also mentally from this disease. Children are deeply traumatized. We are talking not only about the aesthetic side of the issue but also about the lack of binocular vision. In order not to injure the psyche of the child and make his/her life complete, it is worth to use the assistance of foreign experts.

There are two types of strabismus:

eye surgery in france – Congenital. A person is born with defective vision or it develops within six months.

– Acquired. It is developed in children of up to 3 years.

It can be:

– Concomitant – it occurs at an early age. The vision is binocular, no double vision and motor abilities of eyeballs are fully preserved;

– Incomitant – associated with damage and paralysis of motor muscles. It is found in people with brain damage. The mobility of the cornea, in this case, is very limited.

The cause:

– injury;

– infection;

– diseases of the nervous system.

For treatment of strabismus, the therapeutic or surgical treatment is used. It is selected individually and includes such steps as:

– treatment of amblyopia;

– restoration of connection between the eyes and stereoscopic vision;

– normalizing of muscle balance.

Doctors prefer to treat strabismus using the conservative method and use surgical intervention only when necessary. Then a course treatment and compulsory exercise are prescribed because only they are able to restore visual function after the procedure.

Retinal detachment requires timely medical care, without such care destruction of light-sensitive cells may occur and can result in complete blindness. The disease occurs in both children and adults.

The risk of developing the disease is increased for those with diagnosed myopia, for those who had ophthalmic operations and degenerative changes of the eye.

The symptoms of the disease are pain-free, so you can diagnose it on the characteristic symptoms, but they are easily confused with those of other diseases. Therefore, do not refuse the help of doctors and have regular checkups from qualified doctors.

Only operating method is used in the treatment of retinal detachment. The use of drugs and folk remedies will not help.

Types of surgery:

– laser cauterization;

– pneumatic retinopexy;

– indentation of sclera with silicone seals;

– drainage;

– removal of the vitreous body and its replacement.

Laser treatment

This technique is quite popular in treating vision diseases. It has been successfully used in many countries for over 30 years. It is the most painless and safe treatment to date. The essence of the procedure is to change the refractive power of the cornea. The method is based on a mass action of the excimer laser, which vaporizes the damaged areas and helps to change the configuration of the cornea accurately and without discomfort for the person.

Advantages of the method:

– safety and reliability of the results;

– effective at a number of different eye diseases;

– minimum time of the procedure;

– does not require serious anesthesia, which has a detrimental effect on the overall health of the person;

– the minimum period of recovery;

– the result is kept for many years;

– minimum risk due to accurate diagnostics;

– the accuracy of performance and guaranteed results owing to the latest technique and highly qualified specialists.

Today there are many eye diseases that respond to treatment well. The most important thing is not to delay and not to put the issue away for later, because timely treatment increases the likelihood of a positive outcome by several times, and sometimes this fact plays a key role.


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